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Bugs bugs and more bugs

September 26th 2011 5:20 pm
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We have been attacked by bugs!! First our compoooter was attack by some nasty bug that gave us lots of trouble. Mom spent her evenings scanning it for viruses and updating drivers and running diagnostics. Finally we are up and running normal again...or at least we think so!
The next buggies to attack us are STINKBUGS....EEEK! That's what mom says when she sees one - MOL! Yes its fall and in our area that means those yucky stinkbugs are back. They somehow sneak through the window screens and other tiny spaces and have been popping up on our walls here and there. I keep finding a new one and then mom takes it away from me. What the cat??!! All my hard hunting work and she won't let me play with it. Sheesh! Mom hates these buggies and she keeps a tally of how many she's killed. I'd say she's getting a bit obsessive!! Today when dad walked outside to go to his car he got hit in the head by 3 of them!!! So now he has joined mom in her war against stinkbugs.
The last bug to attack is on Catster. We haven't been getting our catster emails the last few days and when mom went to our account on Catster it said that emails to our email address have been "bouncing" and to fix it we should get a new email account!! How strange! Plus we are still having trouble sending our friends gifts. We'll click the button to send a gift and all the gifts appear but the kitty we want to send them to doesn't show up. It just says something about waiting for the gift page to load. ~sigh~ Frustrating!!
I hope all my friends are enjoying the autumn so far.
Hugs & kisses,

Purred by: Laura W

September 27th 2011 at 10:49 am

meowlo's coco N familee...

we trooly noe what ewe meen bout bugs....catster gotz em...

N we got taran toola's in de houz now coz de nite be gettin cooler N de stooopid spiders iz wantin in...

one wuz tryin ta get inta R litter box just yesterday...a big taran toola two...we bet it wuz az big az a quarter !!!


any spider bigger than a dime in R book iz a taran toola....

STAY OUTSIDE we say sttoooopid things

OK then, haza pawsum afternoon....peace out N rock on !
Purred by: Coco (Catster Member)

September 27th 2011 at 5:24 pm

OMC!! Mom says taran toolas must be way worse than stink bugs!! YIKES! That be a little scary!!
Purred by: Angel ♥Kally Kat♥ (Catster Member)

September 28th 2011 at 8:34 am

Coco, Turrantella's, eeek!
Wee hope yur pootah trubbies are gitten betta, dem nastiest BUGGS! OMC!
My Mommy hates buggs ov awl sorts! she's happie Winta iz coming!
I found a very bigg bug urly in da moning crawlin upps my front doah & Mommy kilt it reel gud & flush it down da noo toylit!
I lookie atta dem, butts I neba kill 'em...... Mommy sez thank yew Kally Kat, butts most kitties kill'em, butts den I'm a ½ doggies ov a Cat...
Tank catness yoo nought gettin bitten by eny ov dem! Coco, we hazing trubbies wiff leavin a comment & hope dis one gets troo.
DA TABBIES, wen in doubt ya eats yur TROUTS!!!! Say No,tew Stinks Buggs Buggs bee gone,
Kally Kat




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