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I'm tortie-licious!

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My 5th birthday

February 24th 2013 3:08 pm
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Although I'm a bit late, I wanted to thank everyone for their birthday wishes. Special thanks for the birthday gifties goes out to:

Milo & family
Carmina Purrana & family
Colors & family
Big Harry & family
Luke & family
Napoleon & Colorado
Hen & family

On our birthdays, mom always thinks back to our kitten days & realizes how much we've changed. As a kitten I always wanted attention, but was hesitant to allow anyone to pet me. Now I LOVE to be pet. Sometimes when mom goes to bed I run to the bed room and start crawling on her before she even gets the covers over her. When she finally settles in I'll lay on her chest and keep pushing my head under her hand to be pet....all the while purrrrrrring like crazy. But somethings have not changed. I still like to cause trouble and knock things off of counters!

Thank you all for making my birthday special.


Bugs bugs and more bugs

September 26th 2011 5:20 pm
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We have been attacked by bugs!! First our compoooter was attack by some nasty bug that gave us lots of trouble. Mom spent her evenings scanning it for viruses and updating drivers and running diagnostics. Finally we are up and running normal again...or at least we think so!
The next buggies to attack us are STINKBUGS....EEEK! That's what mom says when she sees one - MOL! Yes its fall and in our area that means those yucky stinkbugs are back. They somehow sneak through the window screens and other tiny spaces and have been popping up on our walls here and there. I keep finding a new one and then mom takes it away from me. What the cat??!! All my hard hunting work and she won't let me play with it. Sheesh! Mom hates these buggies and she keeps a tally of how many she's killed. I'd say she's getting a bit obsessive!! Today when dad walked outside to go to his car he got hit in the head by 3 of them!!! So now he has joined mom in her war against stinkbugs.
The last bug to attack is on Catster. We haven't been getting our catster emails the last few days and when mom went to our account on Catster it said that emails to our email address have been "bouncing" and to fix it we should get a new email account!! How strange! Plus we are still having trouble sending our friends gifts. We'll click the button to send a gift and all the gifts appear but the kitty we want to send them to doesn't show up. It just says something about waiting for the gift page to load. ~sigh~ Frustrating!!
I hope all my friends are enjoying the autumn so far.
Hugs & kisses,


Not Authorized???!!!

June 5th 2011 4:50 pm
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Suddenly, when I go to leave comments on my furriends pictures and when I post diary entries I get this:

"This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required.

Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80
Authorization Required"

What you talkin' bout Catster???!!! I need credentials now? And whats this about Apache Red Hat? Is that some Native American name? Do I have to join that Red Hat Society? What's going on????

Anybody else getting this error?

Well I'm off to think it through over some catnip!!



Mommy's helper

May 16th 2011 9:04 pm
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It seems to me that I am the only kitty that does any real work around her. The others are such loafers! This weekend Dad was away so Mommy had a million projects planned, and of course I was there to assist her.

When she house cleaned the bedroom I gave it a thorough inspection. Um mom, there's still a smudge on this window. "Oh how did I miss that? Thanks Coco!" Then she rearranged the furniture in there too so of course I stuck around to give her my opinion. Put the dog bed in the corner Mommy. I like it there and you know I use it more than those doggies!

On Sunday she decided to fix the door in the basement. It would only open partially and then get stuck. So Mommy took it off the hinges and broke out the tools. I was there to supervise the project. I even stuck around when she used the electric sander...until she noticed me and gave me the boot. Sheesh! But I snuck back once she was done and pointed out the wood dust on the floor that needed sweeping. Do you think she'd even see it if I didn't swoosh it around with my floofy tail???

Today Mom was cleaning out some old files and stumbled upon the kitty records for her kitty Zoey. Zoey went to rainbow bridge before I was even born, so I never had a chance to meet him. But I could tell that mom was upset so I started smacking my springy toy around & smacked it right to her feet. She couldn't help but smile at me.

Now I'm just exhausted. A cat's work is never done!!

Hope you all had a nice weekend my furiends!


Cuddles with Mom!

April 22nd 2011 8:57 am
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Now that I've turned 3, I seem to have become much more affectionate with mom. It started with sitting on her lap when she's on the computer. Normally I would sit on the top of her computer chair, but now I occasionally come down and curl up in her lap.

Now I've decided that sleeping with mom is nice too! If mom gets up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, I appear out of nowhere. Then I escort her back to bed and crawl in with her. When she lays down I like to lay on top of her.
Last night mom was sound asleep when something woke her up....ME! I was laying on mom's chest with my face only a few inches from hers and purrrrrrrrring really loudly! My purr is what woke her up. Usually she can't even hear my purr but I guess I was revving it up pretty good! When she opened her eyes I kissed her nose. My kisses always make mom laugh because I get real close then I kiss kiss kiss her real quick like I'm afraid I'll get caught! MOL!! I think Julius is getting jealous of all the extra attention I'm getting with these cuddle sessions cause he's more demanding than ever! Hee hee!

Oh, and we just realized that we're not getting our Comment notifications lately. Guess its flea time again!

Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!



Locked up, restrained and TORTURED!!!

March 29th 2011 4:16 pm
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Oh what a terrible evening its been!! Mom locked me in the bathroom, wrapped me in a towel and...gasp, combed my pantaloons!! Terrible terrible terrible!!

I had a bit of gastrointestinal trouble this weekend and had, oh dear, how to say it, loose poopies. ~blushes~ And well you know that us floofy cats have those floofy pantaloons that are just a magnet for, ahem, poopies. So I got a teensy bit stuck in there and a bit of litter stuck there too so mom had to clean me up. She thought she got it all, but today she said my tushie smelled. Oh my! Such embarassment.

But I quickly got over my embarassment and moved right to indignation! Why she's brushing my pantaloons! She was holding me on my back like a baby & so I bopped her right in the face with my paw. And yes, I used CLAWS!! Heh heh heh, she was shocked. But then she grabbed a towel and wrapped me up like a burrito!! I growled and meowed and wiggled and got free! This happened about 6 times or more. Then mom said I give up. Yes, defeat!!! But oh no! She grabbed the kitty washcloth, wet it and grabbed my tushie and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Oh and she clipped my claws too! OMC!

She really cleaned me up and then combed me some more and finally I was released!! She gave me some kitty milk and then some was the least she could do! She had lots of scratched on her hand and some of my floof in her eye! HA!! And I can hear her sneezing now!!

To think that I've been so nice to her lately. Sitting on her lap and purring, well we'll see if I do that anytime soon!! GRRRR!


My Wishes Have Come True!!!!

February 17th 2011 7:58 am
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Some people may not have wishes or dreams, but I do, and some of mine have come true!!

First let me tell you about my Valentine :) The sweetest boy kitty asked me to be his Valentine...WYATT! Oh he's such a nice kitty, not like my mean brother Julius who always tries to smack me. No, Wyatt is a true gentleman-cat and is very sweet. I was so thrilled when he asked me!! Just between us girls, I had hoped & dreamed of him asking but never thought he would! Oh what a wonderful Valentine's day it was :) He's such a good friend!

My other wish was for the weather to warm up so that mom would let me in the hit 40 degrees yesterday! Today its going to be about 50 and tomorrow close to 60!! Yippee!!! That means mom will open the bathroom window for a few minutes so I can get some fresh air and listen to the birdies chirping!! I know she won't keep it open for long, but at least I get a little time.

See kitties? Dreams do come true! So dream big my kitty friends!! Now I'm dreaming of a big kitty tree...think I'll get it?????? Pawlease mom, we NEED a kitty tree! MOL!

Hugs to everycat!


C'mon Spring!!

February 11th 2011 10:48 am
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Mean Momma won't open the bathroom window for me. Too cold she says. I ask her so nicely. "Meow meow," I say, giving her the look. She tells me I know the rule. I jump on the window sill balancing very carefully to show her what I want. "No Coco," she says. "The window doesn't open until its at least 40 degrees." Oh good golly!! It hasn't been 40 degrees in ages!!

So I give up on the window and ask politely for her to let me in the linen closet. Again she says no. "Meow, Meow!" I say and rub around the door. Nope, she just walks away. Grrrr!!

So I wait.....soon Mom is carrying up the clean towels and heading into the bathroom to put them away. She opens the linen closet door and I am lightening fast! I jump on the window sill and try to get into that closet....but I miscalculate that narrow sill and start falling. Mom tries to reach for me, I reach out for mom. My claws grab onto her sleeve (ok, her arm!) and she lowers me to the floor screeching.

And the point of my story is give me what I want or mom will get hurt!! MOL!

Unfortunately I still didn't get in the linen closet nor did she open the window for I'll consol myself by shredding some toilet paper! Hee hee!!


January 29th 2011 8:22 am
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I've been tagged by my good friend Wyatt. The
name the 5 most annoying things your humans do, then tag 5 friends. Here's a few of my Human Pet Peeves....

1. Daring to touch my belly floof. Sometimes I do like to flaunt the floof, but that's not an invitation to touch it. Look but don't touch! MOL!
2. When I'm opening the kitchen cabinet door with my paw & mom catches me in the act and closes it. After all my hard work! Its not easy to do without thumbs!
3. When Mom tries to comb or has to ~ahem~ clean my pantaloons.
4. Mom catching me on the kitchen counter & telling me to get off. Darn right I'm gonna meow back at ya mom!!
5. Not getting fed promptly!! If my belly says its time to eat, ITS TIME TO EAT!! hee hee!

I think everycat I know has been tagged already...but, if you haven't been tagged yet & you're reading this then TAG! You're It!!! MOL!

Happy weekend everycat!


Catching Up After The Holidays!

January 5th 2011 12:55 pm
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Hello my friends! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday! We kitties got TONS of toys and treats from Santa and from our friends!! Mom says we made out better than anyone else in the family. Our sweet friend Pigeon sent us a whole bunch of cat toys. My brother Harry especially loved the one that has a suction cup to stick to the floor. Only it didn't stick to the floor long with Harry around! He's a bruiser!! MOL! And yesterday we got some fantastic catnip toys from River & Simone - woooo weee! They are a lot of fun. My fav is the little heart. I can cuddle it in my paws & bite it!!

On New Year's day my grandma came to our house for a visit. She hasn't seen me for about 6 months & she couldn't believe how big I've grown. Grandma said maybe I'm part Maine Coon! That's a pretty fancy breed! I think I just might be that! So I rubbed up to Grandma & purred, "tell me more." So Grandma said "oh, she's beautiful, look at those markings on her face!" Purr, purr, purr, yes, yes, yes!! Then Grandma said, "I've never seen a tail as thick as hers. I know what she reminds me of, a Pomeranian!!" A Poma-what-now??? Meowmy, what's that? Is it a super rare kitty breed?? "Coco," Meowmy says, "a pomeranian is a little dog."

WHAT???!!! Oh Grandma! How could you say such a nasty thing to me? Just when I was starting to like you!! MOL!

Hey, I've also turned over a new leaf - I sat on mom's lap twice this year. WOW! Maybe I'm gonna be nice to mom this year! (or maybe I was just cold!!! Tee hee hee!)

Hugs & purrs to all my pals!

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