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Cats of the world, unite!

June 20th 2009 6:05 pm
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My kitty comrades, I beseech you! We felines have a common enemy that we must fight against. No, not the silly canine, we know how to put them in there places. It is more terrible, more awful, more hair-raising than that. Persians, alley cats, torties, we must form a united front against...NAIL CLIPPING!!
Clipping our nails takes away the very essence of our beings! Our powerful and beautiful talons! After weeks of grooming my lovely nails into tiny weapons of torture, the she-owner thinks she can cut them? Nay I say! Nay!! I will bite and claw and SCREAM until I am released.
Wwwhat? Uh-oh, moms is coming! Time to escape to the basement!!
Julius' mom would like to note that no cat was hurt during this latest nail clipping. The only blood shed was hers. Julius is still sulking in the basement.




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