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Home:Vancouver, BC, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 27 lbs.

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Sina, Sienna, Thomasina

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Quick Bio:
-purebred-part feral

June 14th 1970

Chocolate Point

I really adored Mother my person even after I went feral -- never stopped going to see her up until I died & I lived a long life.

People. Just hated them. Too cruel. Loud noises. Cars. Motorcycles.

Favorite Toy:
Bugs live ones of all kinds, moths, live mice (I went feral remember!), beads & necklaces hanging on door knobs, scarves & ties hanging down in the closet, shoes.

Favorite Nap Spot:
In the bed with my human Mother at her feet purring. In the windowsill though I often fell out as it was narrow. Over the kitchen heat vent. Later, hidden in the basement places.

Favorite Food:
Milk & cream. Cheese. Chicken. Tuna. Beef stew specially the cooked carrots. Rice & gravy.

Leaping across the room and making my landing. Finding lost bracelets that jingled and lost beaded necklaces via dragging them out while playing.

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
Oh I came from the pet store. I was always a bit of a wild thing too. Okay then to obtain pets at the pet store in the old days. Yes, I was supposed to be for the kids and I was the very first purebred cat in the house and much was made about the fact I had papers and was registered. But I was still wild and not very well socialized. Mother called me very sensitive to the spirits and yes I was and I could see the invisible presences in the house bad thing cause we lived on top of old Indian hunting and burial ground and a cemetary that had been relocated and the spirits weren't real happy about their remains being relocated and were quite restless. Also, my ears were very sensitive as was my hearing so I hissed at little noises that the humans couldn't always hear, just other cats and dogs but didn't bother them the little sounds.

One day life as a domesticated housecat just got to be too much for me, just on a whim after hunting and spending a happy whole day out in the yard, I ran away into a large wooded area nearby. And I found that I was very, very happy. I could hunt to my heart's content and there were other feral cats there so I had company. Then I missed Mother, didn't miss a single other person there & I had always despised the Dad the Father of the house with a hissing passion but I loved Mother. Only missed the kids a little. They just didn't understand me that I was a disdainful aloof arrogant Siamese cat and that they needed my permission to pet me. Now, normally I would give it but I didn't need to be petted for hours and had zero desire to play human games with them or their version of cat's games. I only liked adults and just didn't much care for most men at all, did have a favorite stop on my feral route long haired guy who fed me and gave me milk, but otherwise I just didn't have much use for people at all. Never stopped going to visit Mother until the day I passed out of this world and over the Bridge into the next. Thomas was my mate cat my boyfriend and I caused him to go feral in part I'm sure and I died shortly before he passed onto the other side of the Bridge. He did so grieve for me his wild friend. Guess even when he went feral he never considered himself to be. He never ceased to visit Mother either.

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From the Great Huntress In the Spirit World....

Kitthaven Swim Party & On Weddings of Angel Cats...

August 17th 2009 7:07 am
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Me too Thomas! Didn't know that we could go as creatures of any kind like fish & after all the birthday cats weren't offended & thought that it was just great! Knew that Mermaid cat had been suggested, but thought that I would try that HuCat thing out. Okay felt kind of like the Little Mermaid gaining legs. Very strange. First of all I am an angel cat. Second I'm a cat. Now I have a cat face in my pictures or some of them & a human body. Strange. Very strange. Will take some adjustment time. Would have been great when I went feral if I could have just turned into a HuCat and scared the devil out of anyone who tried to bother me especially a HuCat with those long dragon lady claws that were so popular as evening wear for parties & still seem to be but maybe moreso in my day. Will have to talk about Mom having those long nails placed on her fingers, which of course she couldn't wear back to work, meow about it I mean of course -- later.

What a strange experience -- cats swimming. Cats as part human in swim trunks & swim suits. Cats with human hair but at least (sorry Aurora) I got lovely long locks & not short hair. They made me a lovely beautiful HuCat all the same, which is great but haven't adjusted to this whole part human part cat thing yet and would like to be just a cat sometimes and just an angel cat others, but will do the HuCat thing part of the time. Yes, Magpie had a great time as a mermaid cat underwater at the party eating and drinking underwater even. Mouser was the center of attention part of the time as a scuba cat with dolphins and was also underwater the entire time and that's a great way to adjust to being a HuCat in a scuba outfit as then mainly it's the head seen but then again he did have a human body and was having to swim underwater but did have breathing apparatus. I didn't care for baths or being drenched in water at all as a cat so great adjustment for me. I didn't much post because was adjusting and looking around and just being part of the pool party but wanted to make an appearance. First pool party for me and for all the angel cats except Mouser. Shane Ladd & Shaun would grab the lion's share of the attention as usual being such cute little things as NEMO FISH! ConCats as they say on Catster to Shane Ladd & Shaun & the person behind your meows for being just so cute & lovable, but then again your breed of Himalayan is just so cute & adorable & love attention don't they? No hard feelings but that wouldn't work for me, just not part of my lady cat personality or Siamese make up temperment, but the mermaid thing might work. Don't know about dolphins but I could see me on a jet ski or pool float or with a surf board as a surfing cat or as a fisherwoman cat even. That pool certainly was big & even had a beach right by it. Cats with cars? Guess what Thomasina wants for her Meowy Day? Yes, a car.

Cats & marriage? MEOOOW! What? Oh Thomas. Angel cats get married on Catster & you wouldn't want to go against social norms here & live in kitty sin as just common law or lover cats now would you? Wonder what kind of cat rings I want? I will need to go shopping for some nice engagement party dresses, haven't been on Catster quite long enough for a party yet, but within this year and that's long enough to plan a good wedding, so I will also need to choose the purrfect wedding dress. I like this Catster marriage of cats thing. You will need a suit or a nice Tuxedo, Thomas and not talking about the Mercat either (Mreeoow...) so I will have my eye out for one while I'm shopping & window shopping. Hmm -- this HuCat thing seems to be affecting my cat brain & making me think like a human.
From the Great Huntress, Thomasina


Stolen, More than Once...

August 1st 2009 1:16 pm
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I was stolen once, but that was after I was already gone though this was my home so how could you people deceive yourself each of you in that manner and pretend that things were different? Know that there are others out there doing this somewhere pretending that the cat that ran away isn't there when that cat has returned or when you are feeding him or her as feral and the food is vanishing... okay, so just stop lying at least to yourself and in the 12 step ghost cat recovery program number one is admit to yourself that there is a possibility that your cat is still alive. Did you have a cat body? No. Did you see the cat dead? Then if not why do you believe that your cat is dead? Did you think that you saw your cat dead? Just trying to help out here because my people scattered as they are have met others not just family either who have ghost cats. Now some have actual cat spirits in their homes but for others something happened and the cat went wild and oh, that's terrible we can't tell people that we have a feral cat in the house hanging out that we're such awful people that we can't control our cat. Then don't tell them or don't tell them for now. Just admit to yourself that your cat is still there and find a way to care for your cat. Mom knew I was there and apparently various used me to say she was delusional when she wasn't so she had to pretend that I wasn't real and that Thomas ate one heck of a lot of food and while he did eat a great deal, no way did he ever eat THAT much! And the other one was Shane and Dad just went on & on about the cost of cat food and how the cat was eating them out of house and home so Mother started buying a secret stash of cat food and I learned to eat dry as well as canned and so did that figment of my imagination Shane and the boy bought some of the food himself, extra food which he hid away and he raised hell if anyone searched his room for any reason so they just didn't go there & left his room alone.

But I was stolen, trapped by some evil ones who left milk out for me knowing that I was a purebred even if they didn't have papers and they wanted to breed me for money for my kittens & they weren't sure whose I was in the neighborhood and didn't care and didn't care if fliers went up as long as they could hold me in their house prisoner long enough to steal my kittens and sell them. Right down the street from us this crazy lady housekeeper and her family who took care of this genius guy who looked like he was some sort of late day Apostle somehow and maybe coming to judge the world for the Apocalypse with his strange staring blue eyes and his beard and even though he dressed in modern day clothes. He just stood and stared and watched people, had income from a lawsuit from injuries sustained in a robbery at the college university where he had taught but no no knew that until years later when he was about to move because his British family found him finally. He was the true captive and his mail hadn't been going out but he didn't know that for years, for a decade at least...

They called the boy at our house and asked to borrow my mate Thomas. They told him they had a Siamese cat to breed and wanted Siamese kittens and knew that they had recently lost one and would give them the pick of the litter. At first he said no, but then he had a feeling so he went down and found me and knew it was me and didn't know how to keep seeing me so he brought Thomas and then took days with us hissing at each other in our prison room and finally one day when the lady went to market to buy groceries and no one was home he found my papers searched high and low and Thomas's because it was very clear they had no intention of giving him back either and presented them to the quiet Apostle guy and he walked into the house and found a box and put one of us in it Thomas and then he grabbed me up and petted me and somehow let the boy know that he fed me sometimes maybe via what was on the paper he wrote but he wouldn't let them ever see me again or Thomas and he petted me and brought me up to our house and released me into the open back door and I ran and hid in the basement. He said he didn't want a kitten not aloud but mouthed it and maybe he couldn't talk any more from his accident but would see us from time to time and pet us and he left -- and we did see him again, visited him in his room which was forever upon threat of arrest of the housekeeper as he knew secrets terrible things about her and her sons but couldn't get rid of them and they weren't allowed to bring whatever they stole around him and he kept notes locked up somewhere on them which they found out when they tried to have him committed a couple of times that he still had friends out there who would help him and one of her sons went to jail for a spell the first time and the other for a spell the second time.

Anyway that was one of the times someone tried to steal me and thought that they could tame me and why I learned never to trust most people, but like the Apostle, I had a few or so friends who always helped me human and cat -- and dog even.
From the Great Huntress, Thomasina

** Congrats to my mate Thomas the Great Hunter on being Diary of the Day yesterday!!!! **


Sometimes I Hissed for No Reason....

July 28th 2009 2:52 pm
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Yes, and it was blamed on ghosts & our house was near an old cemetary and near enough to Indian Reservations and their strange ways (not a bad thing all of that strangeness) that it was blamed on ghosts. Sometimes it was things from the spirit world. Sometimes it was the ghost of a cat who rubbed up against me and once or twice outright you saw it and they said they were catching me in the table cloth grabbing me up in it and Mom could give shots and I was to get shots but my dear why would I need my shots when I had them? I would sit at the end of the hall and hiss at the other end at the pale apparition there with the glowing blue eyes and the dark Siamese markings on the fur and be treated like I was crazy. Was I now? He came out in the darkness and stalked his territory and he was none too happy to see me there. No, I didn't go wild & feral due to Shane not quite, but I did follow him and find the feral colonies, so was I following a ghost or a cat who still loved his child and who just had to come inside to check on him, push his room door open and go crawl up into the bed to have a little cat nap by him which might be passed off as a dream. He couldn't forgive, no he couldn't & I understood because I came from a bad breeder like Shaun & not like Shane who came from a good place & just felt obviously betrayed by his people who were making him eat that special poisonous food that was marked for the cat and so the relative knew who he was getting. They didn't understand why Shane hissed at him when he came to visit, but I did. I hated him too heart & soul and I knew this was a dark man a devil as far as cats were concerned and not to be trusted ever. Ghosts? Grabbing me and shoving me into the bathroom and into the bedroom and locking me inside and insisting I was an insane cat a cat with behavorial problems & that was it for me when it kept happening. Hello! I know flesh & blood from ghost then as an earth cat and now in the spirit world.... Although I was sensitive to ghosts to the spirit world, I was not insane and I did NOT like the way I was being treated or the fact that my cat perceptions were being ignored. Hello again, did I leave all that white Siamese cat fur around? No, but I was certainly being blamed. Oh, Thomasina is shedding a great deal perhaps we need to give her a bath or a dry shampoo bath! HISS! Grab the Himalayan there and give him the bath because I will claw your arms and legs and anything I can reach! I am and was a cat and I do NOT like baths and don't understand never did why some insist that their cats think baths are pleasant. Some of you are being less than truthful although a select few might actually like baths. Some of you just need to get a dog that actually likes baths and give up on having cats. Sorry. Just know that many, many, many cats do NOT like water not to be in it and not to have it on them. We know how to groom and cat spit is very clean to our fur.
From the Spirit World, Thomasina

Welcome to Catster ghost cat Shane and now you are an angel so we're on more equal footing. At least now they know you weren't a figment of my cat imagination.

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