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Sleeping Beauty, Rori, Silly Rori, Sealy, Princess Aurora

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Quick Bio:

March 27th 1970

Seal Point

I loved tormenting Thomas the Siamese who treated me like a silly little kitten girl cat & following him around everywhere & mewing for him to play with me.

Not being picked up and carried when I mewed and stood up on my hind feet. Not getting petted when I mewed. No one & no cat playing with me.

Favorite Toy:
Bells of any & all kinds specially as those really aggravated Thomas & made him come running to try & make me stop it! Balls of yarn. Cat nip mice. Any toy that belonged to Thomas.

Favorite Nap Spot:
Right by Mommy under the covers. Hidden in the window -- behind bushes inside but could see the birds outside. In the closet.

Favorite Food:
Sardines. Tuna. Milk. Cream which Mommy got special for me sometimes. Canned salmon. Chicken. Fried fish.

Acting extremely silly & being a goofy little girl kitty cat. Jumping to people's shoulders & perching bird like there. Entangling herself in balls of yarn.


Arrival Story:
Aurora was a lovely Sealpoint Siamese kitty who was going to be long and tall and slender, would have been if she had made it to adulthood. She was brought into the home as a companion to Thomas after Shaunessy died but Thomas had no time for a silly little annoying and girl at that kitten! Silly she was too and ditzy but she would have grown up to be a much smarter kitty cat than what she seemed. She was adored by the Mother of the family.

Times were different and cruelty to animals more acceptable and kids outside were cruel to me and even moreso teens in the neighborhood, so Mother had to go outside with me, my Mom although my own kids teased me not in such a bad way and said that I was such a kitten I probably thought of her as Mommy. Yes, maybe I did but I would have grown up and out of that phase. We lived in a nice middle class suburb but even in suburbia in that day & age there were a great many teens on drugs. I was murdered. My family had someone care for me while they were on vacation and the day they came back some bad teens and a kid who got in trouble because they got in trouble with the cops & including a friend of the little girl in the family and of the teen boy, took revenge by killing me in front of them without going into all of the gory details and when they said they would call the police the teens just laughed. The put me in the driveway and said a car ran over me and when that didn't work, they put me at the side of the street and said a car hit me and knocked me there. My human Mommy just cried and cried and the little girl and teen boy weren't too happy either but they didn't cry because the kids and teens quite a few of them bad druggies and quite dangerous kept singing cry baby cry. Stick your finger in your eye and then ask your Mommy why you cry. Wah hah hah! Would have been a sign of weakness and very dangerous to cry in front of them. Someone did call the police on them later before school started and they got rounded up for drug use again. Poor dears.

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First Time as a HuCat

August 17th 2009 6:42 am
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That was my very first time as a HuCat & my first pool party & kind of an odd sensation morphing from angel into Human / Cat / both at the same time. Do cats like water even? Some maybe, but I wasn't that fond of water yet as a HuCat I dived into the swimming pool at Kitthaven Estates & swam around & oh, look I could have been a Nemo fish or a mermaid or a scuba diver with my dolphins following me around, but no I had to be a HuCat. Okay, my typist my meower, next time I am not being outshined by cute little Himalayan cats that have morphed into Nemo fish from a modern day cartoon movie so that everyone says oh how cute look at the cute little Nemo fish! That's number one and next hey, some cat came with dolphins -- MOUSER! Next thing that tuxedo cat was a MerCatMaid so look -- I don't think my swimsuit photo is that hot either as I was a lovely regal cat as I grew & my hair is just downright ugly & short in that photo. Long lovely hair at the very last, do you understand? Next thing, will write an entry meow it about Mom & swimsuits but need to get this out of the way & will just have to save that one. Cruise? Coming up too. I will need an assortment of HuCat clothing several swimsuits & some characters not Nemo fish though plus I will need some lovely angel pictures with appropriate backgrounds as part of the time I just need to be an angel cat. Maybe cat with sunglasses photos or with a nice hat on for days I just feel like being a cat but with a little extra. I was outshined by NEMO FISH cats & Little Emma & others were all oh, look at the cute little CATFISH! SHANE LADD! SHAUN! OH! I was cute when I was a kitten. Is it my fault that I grew to be beautiful & is there anything wrong with that one? NO! You grew too but that's right Himalayan cats are shorter and smaller, not all of them but some, and are very cute. AAAAAHHHH! Long gorgeous locks for my next swimsuit pic please & hmm, what great creature can I be? Still can be a nice MerCat can't I? Yes. Something lovely not cute.
With arched back, Aurora


Fairy Tale Time

August 9th 2009 3:21 am
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Yes, they said Mom had moved into fairy tale world but she worked & she was a very responsible woman at her job & at home, but this strange habit had formed with her. She would scoop me up from wherever I was & pick up storybooks & fairy tale books at first just the kids old ones & then she actually went out & bought brand new books & said she was breaking them in because she needed them. Her kids just laughed & the son said I'm grown up now & of course he wasn't & I don't like fairy tales. The little girl was far from grown up & would say she was grown up too, but she would sometimes find her Mother & hide & listen or sit at her feet & half pet me & say she was just there to pet me. She wasn't really ready to grow up yet & she knew it too.

The ritual was not always at the same place just that Mom would pick me up & carry me to the bedroom & lie on the bed before she took a much needed nap exhausted from her day at work & needing a little rest before she cooked supper & got up & did a few household chores. Mom would bring in a book. I liked all the stories cause Mommy read them in such a soft gentle voice and she would put me right by her side or nearly blocking her view of the book propped on her stomach & she would read. Once Upon a time there was a young woman whose father died & so she had to live with her evil stepsisters & stepMother -- Cinderella. Then the princess pricked her finger on the spinning wheel but she did not die but rather fell asleep for a hundred years -- Sleeping Beauty. More of them for another time, but the way Mom read the stories I could see the places, I the cat curled up on the hearth near the ashes with Cinderella. I the cat purring at Sleeping Beauty's feet -- Princess Aurora -- as she pricked her finger on the spinning wheel & the entire kingdom including me fell asleep. Mommy sometimes embellished the stories & used different voices for characters & described things or pointed out the pictures & showed them to me. She would pat her belly often & seemed to be talking not just to me on her belly but to her belly which was growing. I was wise cat for my age & knew this was a miracle occurring & hoped that one day I too would know Motherhood. Mom & I were sharing a very special time together. Sometimes she would say names aloud & she always said that she wanted to name a daughter Aurora & call her Rory & what a great name for a cat & a child. Rory like roary or roaring, a cat that roars like a lion or tiger. A child with the wonderpurr qualities of a cat who would be very little girlish & feminine & in love with pretty pink like me.
From the Roses, Rori / Rory (Princess Aurora)


The Rain, The Park, & Other Things....

August 1st 2009 1:40 pm
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Cowsills - The rain, the park, and other things Lyrics
Album: Best Of Cowsills

I saw her sitting in the rain
Raindrops falling on her
She didn't seem to care
She sat there and smiled at me

Then I knew (I knew... I knew... I knew... I knew)
She could make me happy (happy... happy)
(She could make me very happy)
Flowers in her hair (in her hair)
Flowers everywhere (everywhere)

(I love the flower girl)
Oh I don't know just why; she simply caught my eye
(I love the flower girl)
She seemed so sweet and kind; she crept into my mind
(To my mind... to my mind)

I knew I had to say hello (hello... hello)
She smiled up at me
And she took my hand and we walked through the park alone

And I knew (I knew... I knew... I knew... I knew)
She had made me happy (happy... happy)
(She had made me very happy)
Flowers in her hair (in her hair)
Flowers everywhere (everywhere)

(I love the flower girl)
Oh I don't know just why; she simply caught my eye
(I love the flower girl)
She seemed so sweet and kind; she crept into my mind
(To my mind ... to my mind)

Suddenly, the sun broke through
(See the sun)
I turned around she was gone
(Where did she go)
And all I had left was one little flower in my hand

But I knew (I knew... I knew... I knew... I knew)
She had made me happy (happy... happy)
(She had made me very happy)
Flowers in her hair (in her hair)
Flowers everywhere (everywhere)

(I love the flower girl)
Was she reality or just a dream to me
(I love the flower girl)
Her love showed me the way to find a sunny day
(Sunny day... sunny day... sunny day)

(I love the flower girl)
Was she reality or just a dream to me

Really read the lyrics and this is indeed my theme song as she vanished when the rain stopped & left a flower behind and with me every time Mommy saw tea roses little pink ones it just brought tears to her eyes and they even had a rose arbor in their backyard for awhile a white painted thing that looked like something for a wedding and a gazebo but that last might have been borrowed and eventually they just took it down and gave it away. The neighbors had those too arbors for roses of different kinds that attracted hummingbirds but most were different trellises for around the front door and a couple of summers of stings from different types of bees and those went down. My song especially that last line "Was she reality or just a dream to me?" the way things were here things that happened became dreams, sweet dreams tinged with the sadness of death or disappearance sometimes. Sigh. But at least I'm remembered and have a page again and I live, I live in glorious living color memories!
From the flowery rain, The Flower Girl Aurora

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