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O'Shaunessy, Shaun, Shane (after the great Western), Chain

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February 14th 1970

Chocolate Point

Bell balls, balls, marbles especially the big ones, Thomas the cat's tail, playing chase with Thomas.

Not being able to find Thomas, having to stay inside, getting sick, not being able to find Mother, not being able to play all the time because Thomas napped more than he did.

Favorite Toy:
Large super balls, yo yo's, marbles, bell balls, catnip mice, spools of thread, things he could make into toys. Loved the slinky children's toy & following it down the stairs.

Favorite Nap Spot:
On a bed near the window. Anywhere Thomas hid and napped. By Mother curled up under the covers.

Favorite Food:
Chicken and rice which he had to have for his delicate stomach.

Finding anyone in the house who was home no matter where they hid. Finding Thomas wherever he hid.


Arrival Story:
Shaun was from a breeder and came to his family sick and the family didn't want to return him even if he died because Shaun was well beloved by his family and quite a character. He was found as a companion for Thomas and so Thomas who hated to use the litter box learned to use one because Shaun was ill and couldn't go outside and Thomas didn't want to leave him, so he learned to use a litter box from Shaun. However, after Shaun died, Thomas refused to ever use a litter box again and for the rest of his days he yowled and scratched to go outside or found ways outside.

Shaun had a rare cat disease and would have to look it up now. He began deteriorating and refusing to eat and then would barely drink water. The Father of the family tried to force him to eat, to entice him to eat but nothing worked. Shaun became increasingly weak & Thomas became restless and despondent. The vet said to leave Shaun out in a box in the warm sunshine in the day. Shaun slept curled up to his Mother human and one day he went to sleep and never woke up. He never really made it out of kittenhood either and the kids in his family dearly missed him too, but Thomas the Siamese cat and Mother missed him the most.

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The Slinky & Yo Yo Days of O'Shaunessy

Lyme's Disease

September 20th 2009 4:43 pm
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Sorry that me & Shane Ladd & Thomas & Thomasina & Aurora have been off. We do have more than one typist or mostly do, but both of me & Shane's people have been ill. Our main memory keeper has Lyme's Disease -- has had it for longer than he has had the newer dogs & cats (which aren't on here) & thankfully they do NOT have it. He was suffering with swollen feet & legs & thought it was his blood pressure & all kinds of other things, but no it's Lyme's. Our other person has been ill too, quite physically ill. We will be back soon. Our human typist or meower just hasn't been up to sitting at the computer or even sitting up long enough to use a laptop. Other typists of cats & dogs on our pages have also been ill or have been victims of misfortune or in a couple of cases just too busy to go online with work & everyday life. Will meow again soon.
Shaun the Great


No, Shane Ladd! I'm Nemo! Friendly Nemo Rivalry

August 16th 2009 2:32 am
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Had just a great time at the pool party being Nemo for the entire time & swimming around underwater & having other cats who were nice feed me tidbits of food & bring drinks of ice cream soda, etc. Had some most cat fabulous shrimp appetizers & lobster & salmon both of those grilled. Shane & I played a game of twin Nemo fish not quite identical twins swimming around & nibbling at toes & feet dangling in the water & swimming with the dolphin that Mouser brought to the party. Yeah our humans aren’t quite ready for us to be HuCats either Mouser although you did get to be one in character as The Terminator but then again that’s actually part machine isn’t it, cyborg like so… I’ve been Buzz Light Year & now Nemo but not a HuCat not yet and so you were almost a HuCat or maybe in part again in your scuba diving suit with the dolphins Mouser & really enjoyed swimming with the dolphins & playing with the Mermaid cat that lovely Tuxedo girlfriend angel cat of Dandelion Wine's & having that that other Russian Blue Grey Lady aka Lady Jane Grey dive into the water & bring me fish (ha! Ha! Ha! ha! bringing a fish some fish to eat but then again fish do eat other fish hopefully not their own kind though... ) Might be Nemo again me & Shane if we get to go to the Fancypants Café pool party for Reba’s second birthday tonight but we will have to wait and see. Hello kids in the family! I was Nemo & Shane was Nemo for the birthday bash for Emma & Beckham @ Kitthaven Estates last night! We had such fun swimming around together so maybe we will have fun again this week playing the cartoon character games like last week. Haven’t even gotten to meow about all of last week yet, but it was such fun like old times when we had our human kids furless children and played! Sigh. Well just woke up from my angel nap when my typist meower meow translator needed a glass of water or bottled water these days not in mine but in these modern times we’re in…. need to go check on things at the Bridge & catch a little moonlight and star shine and will be back down later today to meow again.
Until I meow again, Shaun the Great aka Nemo Found! The Great!


Hi, I'm Buzz LightYear from Toy Story!

August 9th 2009 1:53 am
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Just needed to appeal to current kids in the family & although that movie is not totally current it's still one some of them like & some of our adults enjoyed too, Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather now. Also, Shane & I have agreed that we haven't gotten to wear our cartoon characters long enough so we will be leaving our photos up as first for at least a few days. We enjoy being cartoon characters! Finally, yes we are going to the Kitthaven Birthday Bash for Beckham next weekend, but no we will not be wearing swimsuits. Most seem to be in agreement that their angel cats will not appear in swimsuits at all. Just something odd about swimsuits & angels that smacks of modern day lingerie ads & Victoria's Secret & in our day somehow Frederick's of Hollywood. Yes, even though we're male cats & that's the other reason -- skimpy swim wear even for males. We will also not be in shorts. We might appear as people cats but we're hoping to find some nice animals or the suggestion was maybe scuba gear or non swimsuit swimming with the dolphins or I am NOT going as a MerCat oh no, no, no! Saw those photos on your page Thomasina & your family members! Oh no not even if there is a MerMan. Oh no, I'm a male cat! Forget that one. Look at your photos for ideas indeed! Swimsuits & MerCat Mermaids! Dolphins is good. Liked Takoda Crow's surfing photo but that's the other thing: all those body builder muscles on all the cats in their photos for swim parties! We read through one right after and what's all that muscle about? Hey!

Cartoon characters from Kimi's is a possibility again if we can find some good ones or animals or liked Takoda Crow's shark tank & the aquariums on some of the other pictures but as we look at some other cats pages MEOW! Whoa! What are those skimpy female swimsuits all about too?! Whoa! Thongs suits for men though thank the cats that there are no back views but from the front you just know that's what that is! Hey! If your cat were a person cat, a cat human would you really let them go out dressed that way? I think not for many of you! My how times have changed! Really sexy poses too! I'm not a swimsuit model cat so no, oh no, oh no! Un Uh no way! Not talking about your pages so much Takoda Crow but some of those cats and those short shorts too! Wow Meow! Our humans will look through the Kimi's and get some ideas too, just browse through & that worked before for the party! I mean just look at this great wonderful Buzz LightYear photo of my and the great Marvin the Martian one of Shane! Absolutely furtastic if I do say so myself and I do! Thanks humans that did our Kimi's for doing such a great job although yes, might not have taken a fantastic amount of work to make us look this good! After all we were not only warm & fur-iendly guys but we were, but of course, Himalayans who are just strikingly handsome by nature! Hey, I think Buzz LightYear is rubbing off on me a bit here! Well, Shane wants his diary time too so better get off this computer thingy & let him have some fun mreowing & cat yowling for awhile.
Star Command? Buzz LightYear out! aka Shaun

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