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Sex: Male   Weight: 35 lbs.

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Thom and Thomas. Cat. That Darn Cat! Cat Cat as in here Cat Cat.

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August 1st 1970

Chocolate Point

I loved batting at & chasing string especially in front of someone's face! Loved batted wadded up paper balls too. Like things I turned into toys best.

Hated collars. Bells of any & all kinds especially on collars to warn birds & squirrels I was coming.

Favorite Toy:
Again things I made into toys or the humans did for me. Strings of paper clips. The aquarium. Could sit & watch fish for hours.

Favorite Nap Spot:
In the winter over any heat vent or hidden in a closet. In the summer in front of the fans or hidden inside the box springs between coils.

Favorite Food:
Anything fishy plus whatever the dogs ate from a can. English peas, mashed potatoes, rice with gravy, creamed tuna on rice.

I was the greatest hunter! I supplemented my three meals per day with hunting & hunted as often as possible!

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
This was on back in time when it was still acceptable to buy pet shop pets. I was a purebred with papers and a beautiful cat if I do say so myself. My humans had been told I would be there when they bought their first cat a female as they wanted a pair. Well, they weren't going to get a second one after all but the pet shop had taken their names & called and the female had vanished, been stolen, gone feral, whatever & the neighbors or some lied for whatever reason & said that she never existed that other beautiful Chocolate Point Siamese cat. When the pet shop called it was the day before Halloween and they were just about to close and the Dad of the family asked if they could hold me & they said sure that I had been there and no one liked me and I was reduced even though pedigreed because I was an ornery cuss of a cat and hissed and spat and clawed all who held me, but they were welcome to come and have a look. They just wanted them to be forewarned. When they walked in, Dad saw me first and I reached my paws out and gave the biggest loudest yowl. He was saying well, I don't know, but he brought the kids in a boy and a girl and I ignored them. I don't know he said and then he brought in Mom and the guy opened the cage and I escaped into her arms and curled up and just purred and purred. Long story short, I had a home.

Later, I became feral like the female before but that was a few years down the road. At least five years and I ran away with her one night and would visit Mom but all else in the house thought I was the ghost of the cat who had lived there. No, and I would check in on them at night and curl up to them sometimes and saw the new cats there, but as far as all but Mom and for awhile Dad were concerned, I was just a dream, a vision of what had been. The reason I went feral is because we had druggies in our neighborhood who were very clever about getting into homes and very cruel to pets and they caught me and nearly killed me, nearly starved me to death and won't go into all the detail but I survived and I never again trusted most people after that time -- except for Mom and sometimes Dad. That was years ago and I still love my family and my Mother is much older now and the kids long grown up with kids of their own. Dad is still around & he and Mother are moving soon. I'll be with them in spirit and wait for that time when I will meet them across that Bridge. Will always love you Mom & Dad. This is actually the site of someone attached to one of my person's and not Mom or Dad but I have my own page finally and a voice again after all these years.

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The Great Hunter's Dream Catcher

Clackers or Klackers or Klaquers & Cherries

September 25th 2009 10:49 pm
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Hey! Our friends told us that since the Catster & Dogster codes had changed that we needed to check out our pages & make sure the writing could still be read & that the page actually loaded & that falling objects still fell from the top of the page & not at the bottom or in a straight line in a very small line down the bottom of the page. Uh, falling objects? Can you find us some falling objects? Okay, our people are ill so could you just give us some codes? Don't suppose they have any toys? Oh yeah, great cause Morse's Mom played with Clackers when she was a kid too & so when she saw these things that were supposed to be cherries she said oh wait, these look just like Clackers! That was one of the toys we named & she laughed & said oh I kind of doubt anyone would have those! These look similar to them, but the strings aren't quite long enough -- they had long strings & a loop at the top big enough for a couple of fingers to fit into them & were supposed to be made of high density (not computer diskettes or tv or CD's or DVD's as those didn't exist then) plastic & to be unbreakable & then later much to my human male's regrets & his sister's the toys were recalled because some very energetic kids bouncing them off walls & other objects as kids will do, managed to break them & shatter them into pieces & get injured. Cat Darn shame too cause those were really fun to bat around the floor when the kids weren't around, were away at school or wherever & didn't take those two plastic things like the large superball but maybe a little smaller on their string with them. Loved it when they left the Clackers on their door too cause those were really fun to bat back & forth & they would make really cat cool loud noises too! They bounced down the stairs with wonderful great thuds too & were fun to chase down the stairs too!

The object of clackers was exactly what you think, to bounce them together & learn to do tricks with them like to make them bounce together on the down & to swing all the way up over the fingers & bounce together. Of course my human male child said the reason they were actually probably banned was because they made such excellent weapons & kids were hitting each other in the head with them on the school bus & at the bus stop & at school so that they got banned from school & school events, which was why they hung on the door when the kids were at school. His were cherry red & red was one of his favorite colors at the time -- yeah, he was asking his Dad if he could paint his room red & then Chinese lacquered red & then if not then maybe black & red striped or no? Then how about a checkerboard pattern & we can find or make some giant checkers & attach them to the wall? NO! Humph! You're no fun! That's not fair! You said I could paint my room any color I wanted! I still don't see how painting his room a dulled white was rebellious but he sure thought it was! But I digress....

I loved jumping up in the air after those Clackers because they were just so much fun & one of the Russian Blue cats was there or that other oh, what's the name of the French breed with the fur like wool? Remember that & how upset the kids would get at being head butted because man oh man cat oh cat how all those grey cats liked to head butt. The grey cat, maybe Ratt who was a British Blue breed & a gift that couldn't be refused, would head butt them hard in the chest or actually in the head trying to get those clackers away from them & then he would grab the braided cord string in his mouth & run with them & wouldn't want to give them back. I tried to tell him to chill about those head butts & maybe he would get to stay, but then he would head butt me! So I just left him alone about it & tried to get him locked away in the bedroom or bathroom while they were playing by yowling & yowling at Mother until she locked me out of her room & put something against the door -- preferably with him in the room because he was a real fighter, just loved to wrestle & play cat boxing & he could knock me across the room. Those muscular grey cats just never seemed to know their own strength either....

My male child boy human had red clackers with a braided black cord stream & my female child had purple ones with a red braided string & with red balls inside or that's what they looked like resembling polka dots though she said hearts. Didn't care cause those things were just such fun & the kids would get so annoyed and so would their friends when I came out of nowhere & jumped into the air to bat at the balls on a string & messed up their clacker games though sometimes I made them go up over the hand & clack together. Wasn't that a fun game?! Yeah.... Miss being an earth bound cat sometimes...
Thomas the Great Hunter from the sky


Aquarium Fish & ConCats to Bobbi Boi a Daily Diary Pick- today!!!!

August 29th 2009 7:00 pm
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When I was an Earth cat how I loved aquariums! My children had one much of the time & I figured out how to flip that hinged lid & stick my paw down into that aquarium & go fishing! Loved to fish, just loved it but so hated getting my paw wet that I would stick my paw in & almost have myself a fish & then the water would start bothering me the fact that my paw was awfully wet so I would have to pull my paw out & shake it & lick it with that great tasting fishy water on it: that taste just whet my appetite for hordeuvres of fish, so I would try again. In with paw & after fish watching from the top or the front as the fish darted away from my paw. Out with paw to shake it & lick it and so I grew increasingly frustrated & needed to stick my paw back into that aquarium but then I would get frantic and shake my paw all around because man did I ever hate that water! Oh how I hated getting my paws wet and so out with my paw and a try with the other paw for awhile & both paws wet & sometimes I had a fish by that time but took awhile for me to learn the virtue of patience and just sitting there to scare the bejeebers devil of those fish before I even started pawing. OH, I had my methods & learned new ones -- crouching at the bottom & purring because they hated cat purrs & it would cause them to move so I would move & purr & sit up & down and then the fish would be near the top & a couple of quick scoops & I had a kissing fish (they were a little bitter & so didn’t much care for them & munched & spit them out which upset my people to no end that I just killed the fish & wasted it -- why the least he could do was eat it. Hey my people, have you ever tasted one of those nasty kissing fish?) Then onto large guppies & to babies & that upset my people to no end & they so fussed & chased me around that I stopped eating the little baby fish. Scoop & again & again & Angel Fish & those my friends were quite tasty, but I would leave the fins parts of the fish in front of the aquarium & my people would just fuss at me, but I would just purr & purr on my job well done… but they caught on and started putting books on top & took awhile for me to figure out a good way to get the books off without falling into the aquarium myself & that story and another of my methods I will leave for another day.

Now until I learned patience, I would become so frustrated that I would get up on both back legs & stick both paws in the aquarium and skew them around wildly trying to skewer a fish claws outstretched. Also, I would sometimes stick my face into the aquarium & one time even had to go to the vet because that stupid aquarium shark bit me! Sometimes I would even stick my whole head underwater for a minute & how it annoyed me & angered me when my people laughed at me & then moved me away from the aquarium & even sat down by it to thwart me. I also tried after pushing the hinged top back, standing on the aquarium but that was foolish as several times that sent me the whole cat right into the aquarium with a splash & a run. My people would try to fuss at me but they would be so busy laughing especially if they walked in & saw it that they couldn’t fuss & I was utterly humiliated & had to go hide in my shame after licking my paws clean & sometimes submitting to being dried off with a towel. However, that was before I learned patience or for the most part.

Have some entries to catch up. My people have been busy working & doing other things & haven’t been on as much as they would have liked, but I will meow more frequently & fly down & annoy them with my Siamese cat yowls until they type entries for me on a more regular basis. Okay, so I’m on a cruise to Canada & need to get back to it.
**** Concats to my fur-iend Bobbi Boi on being a Daily Diary Pick! Can’t find your Catster number but am listing your family page below so those furs who want to go over & read your great diary can! ****
Family page for Bobbi Boi a Daily Diary Pick today on Catster!!!!


Birthday Bash @ Kitthaven Estates

August 17th 2009 6:02 am
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Didn’t get to post much as the system was slow ours or Catster’s not sure which but still it was a great party to be at & to see going on with from just our pages two Nemo Fish & just like Shane Ladd & Shaun to be so cute & to slurp up so much attention! Really cute little fishies they were too & they had a blast swimming around the other cats & dogs HuCats & HuDogs feet in the swimming pool & nibbling on toes & coming up to be petted & having others feed them taking them salmon & lobster & other assorted treats from the great grill cook out at the party & milkshakes & ice cream sodas so they had just a blast & forgot all about the rest of us on their pages or for the most part. Mouser had a great time too underwater for the most part eating & drinking underwater as a scuba diver & he brought his friend dolphins to the pool with him! So everyone had to dive into the pool to see the cute little Nemo fish that Little Emma dubbed the “Catfish” oh how very cute -- yes, stealing attention away again Shaun & Shane & still oh so cute as Nemo fish & sure that you will be Nemo fish until the next event too! Sigh. Cute little Himalayan guys even as angels and how to fight that one? Getting attention again too, Mouser! Dolphins? Okay, I’m swimming in with dolphins to the next party if there is even another swim party before summer is over! Then Magpie came as a mermaid cat complete with a bottle of Evian water so again every fur had to dive into the pool just to see the mermaid but at least she & the others kept Beckham & Emma & Augie the cat not the dog on our pages entertained -- it was Augie’s second anniversary wedding anniversary. Not used to the idea of cats getting married either. Thomasina was my love cat but in my day cats & dogs didn’t get married not cats to cats not dogs to dogs and not cats to dogs as seems to be something new here -- or it has been suggested that has or will occur sometime in the near future. Cats were just expected to live in call of the wild fashion as nature took them although sometimes it was suggested that two cats could love each other but it was more of a nature’s way common law of Mother Nature sort of marriage & was never called marriage & would have been corrected if anyone dared to call it marriage or something that rich people did in their spare time or people with cute little dogs lap dogs but not for the vast majority and now we see it here all over Catster. Whoa. Have to adjust to the concept of cats marrying as if two angels can marry then certainly me & Thomasina should marry. Will have to worry about making plans now.

The party was furtabulous & purr-fect, just a wonder-purr sort of party and a great first pool party for me too as most of us angel cats didn’t attend the one at Paw It Forward, just Mouser wasn’t it? Figures it would be him too. The only cats that drove cars would have been cartoon cats in my time too, but Emma got a dune buggy for her birthday and gave everyone rides on the beach right by the pool. Hmm. Maybe we should have a beach party if there’s a beach by the pool. Maybe someone should suggest it as certainly the mermaid cat Magpie & Mouser & the dolphins with him & the two Nemo fish somehow managed to swim straight into the pool from the nearby ocean so a beach party thread might be good for a party before the summer is over. Beckham received a Ferrari for his Meow Day & Augie received a Ferrari for his second wedding anniversary. So guess that I will be needing a car for my birthday my people even if I don’t have a party, just a great picture of it on my page will do. Now, let’s see what kind of car do I want? Something vintage perhaps? Other than that, kind of strange to be a HuCat so I would like some nice angel wings pictures too me with wings in a great beach or pool scene as sometimes I think me & Thomasina both would prefer to go as angel cats, not always but sometimes. Just strange being a cat & human all at once & going to take some adjustment time.

If enough on our pages had been able to go, we would have gone to the Fancypants Café pool party for Reba’s birthday yesterday but Sunday, as always, seems to be a church day & family day & outside day & dinner together day & etc. for our families so not enough were going. Maybe another day. Was kind of late too for a Sunday & know that some had to work today.
From the Great Hunter’s Dream Catcher, Thomas

** Thanks for the great lovely beautiful sun to Karma Kitty, Charlie Clarence, Punkin Pooh, & Bobbi Boi. Hope that you have a sunny purr-fect day too! **

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