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Our Cats 101 section is brimming over with helpful tips for taking your cat on a trip and choosing the best pet accessories for your home. We'll steer you towards the best options for beds, collars, carriers and all sorts of kitty gear, and assist you in everything from picking out the best cat litter to decoding pet insurance lingo or choosing your next pet's name! Read up on the documents you'll need for your next international trip with your cat or get advice from the pros on taking the perfect cat picture. Your cat deserves the best and we're here to help with Cats 101.

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Looking For a Boarding Facility? Ask a Vet!

Vets can be a good place for recommendations, and they can point out ones to stay away from. Our vet mentioned one specifically where they had had people bring their pets in after being boarded, because they were worried about injuries their cats had. They were minor injuries, but they were still injuries, and I was very relieved to find out it was no good before going there.

Lissa N., owner of a Domestic Shorthair

How to Calm Your Cat on a Plane

We now give our cat children's Benadryl for car rides because he gets car sick. I'd ask your vet to recommend an appropriate dosage of Benadryl and try that first (do ask your vet, mine said that certain types of Benadryl are not safe for cats). If you do decide to go with any kind of meds, you need to test them out ahead of time, when you're home with access to a vet just to make sure that she doesn't respond abnormally.

Kelly H., owner of a American Shorthair

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