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Our Cats 101 section is brimming over with helpful tips for taking your cat on a trip and choosing the best pet accessories for your home. We'll steer you towards the best options for beds, collars, carriers and all sorts of kitty gear, and assist you in everything from picking out the best cat litter to decoding pet insurance lingo or choosing your next pet's name! Read up on the documents you'll need for your next international trip with your cat or get advice from the pros on taking the perfect cat picture. Your cat deserves the best and we're here to help with Cats 101.

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Boarding at Pet Suites

Do you have a Pet Suites near you? I had to board my cats for a few days and it was a really nice facility! The cat room was so quiet and there was no dog noise at all. I was able to relax knowing my cats were in great hands while they were there. The facility does require certain shots, however. The cages were a pretty good size and you pay full price for one cat and half for the other. You also pay extra for special play time or other services like grooming. And they were always great about giving updates when I called to see how my pets were doing. I made sure to leave a blanket from home and some of their toys too.

Ellie C., owner of a Domestic Shorthair

Easing a Cat's Travel Anxiety

I would suggest talking to your vet about giving your cat something to ease his anxiety while traveling. If he is more relaxed, your trip will be less stressful for you both. Try using the meds at home a few days prior to your trip to ensure your cat has no ill effects from it. Make sure you have enough for a trial run, for the trip and back if needed. I would also suggest using a wire dog crate instead of your typical cat carrier. Your cat will be able to see what’s going on and a comfy bed could easily be placed inside. I would avoid food, this may cause car sickness. Offering water along the way would be fine, but I wouldn't be surprised if he declines. A small litter box could also be placed inside but if he is stressed, he may not even use it. A harness and leash would be great for quiet rest stops. Get him used to the harness before your trip. Having his harness on during the trip will allow you to easily attach the leash. Make sure all doors and windows are shut before opening the crate and attempting to put the leash on. Prepare him for the trip beforehand. Place him in the crate, take him out and sit in the car without it running for a few minutes, do this a few times. Then try sitting there with the car running. Then drive around the block and gradually make your trips a little longer. To get him used to the crate at home, put some yummy treats inside; get him to associate the crate with good stuff.

Kathy L., owner of a Siamese

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