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Is there anything more irresistible than a tabby’s tummy? Tripper, my 20-lb Tabby, constantly taunts me by sleeping on his back, but I risk bodily harm if I try to snorgle his spotted tum.

This week, Trip will be competing with nearly a hundred other tum-flashers in the annual “Do the Q!” contest. This popular photo contest was started three years ago by tabby Monty Q Cat to showcase cats on their backs. The original contest featured two CATegories: 1) The Full Monty; and 2) The Monty Q.

The Full Monty is the traditional cat-on-his-back pose:

The Monty Q is a variation in which the cat is stretched out, tummy side down, with back legs extended behind him, with the tail curled provocatively:

In addition to the two main CATegories there’s a “Viewer’s Choice Award” and “Best Interpretation on a Theme.” Perfectly Parker is sponsoring the “Silliest Q” Category, and Victor Tabbycat is sponsoring the “Curly Q Tail” CATegory:

Entries are not limited to tabbies, but you’ve got to admit, these tabbies are testament to the “if you’ve got it, flaunt it! philosophy:






Mr Tigger





In fact, entries are not even limited to cats! Dogs, too, can have pretty irresistible tums!


The contest is open for entries until Saturday, August 15th (extended from 8/8/9).

The contest is open to all cat bloggers. Dog, bun, and hamster bloggers are welcome to enter as well.

Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to check back after the 15th to vote for your faves!