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Guys, My Uncle Sucks at Cat Photography, So I Made You a Video Instead!

Luna is a Himalayan kitty with a wardrobe that's probably bigger than yours. English is her third language, so pardon her unique way of spelling. She is fluent in Spanish and cat, and she always remembers to dress fur impress.

 |  Mar 23rd 2012  |   16 Contributions

Thanks God is FURRDAY! Welcome to my weekly column, guys!

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that last week my momma travelled to Chandler, AZ, to pack our stuffs, so it's more than official that we are moving permanently to Mexico. I'm sorry that i couldn't post on my fan page -- I know all my LunAddicts were getting withdrawals!

My momma went to say hi to Teresa, my fur-do stylist at Petsmart, and she said that next time I go there she will fit me in her schedule. Yeiii! Aaaww, I really miss her!!! I had a SUPERBAD experience once with a mobile pet groomer that screw me over, so beFUR I found Teresa I got kicked out from 2 Petsmarts!!!

Teresa has lots of patience and love bringing me back to enjoy my baths, and I will be eternally grateful to her.

I will miss you FURever Teresa!

She also saw Carmencita (the older FAB lady who is our furriend) at Mass. Carmencita was sad with the news that we are not coming back, and my momma promise her that next time I will come along to visit. Of course, Carmencita was rocking a FABulous outfit with her signature flower in her hair.

Carmencita was the most fashionable girl at church... well after me!

Since I stayed with grandma I didn’t have photo shoots, and the few photos that I have SUCK! I can't complain, because grandma spoiled me very much ... I guess TOO much, because I had an emergency bath (if you know what I mean), but it was nice to eat TONS of wet food while it last LOL.

Anyways, here is the proof that my photos were soo bad:

Uncle Charlys bad Photography! But I appreciate the effort!

So this week my column is going to be a Purrduct Review! The guys from Tipsy Nip Organic Catnip Products sent me a few of their purrducts to test and O-M-G!! You guys are going to DIE, because they got fur you a DISCOUNT code to get 20 PERCENT OFF on all purchases of $10 or more!! The code is TNLUNA12, and is good fur two weeks from now.

I got the Tickle Pickle that is stuffed with 100 percent organic catnip; a 4-ounce can of catnip; Tickle Tassel Balls, that are nontoxic wooden balls infused with organic hemp; and a Tuna Sushi TO DIE FUR!

Fur be honest, my absolute FAVorite was the Tuna Sushi. What can I say -- this girl LOVES TO EAT! I'm not a skinny bitch -- I like my butt fluffy and round, MOL.

Here is my video review:

Review Tipsy Nip Cat Purrducts from Luna the Fashion Kitty on Vimeo

Thanks to the guys at Tipsy Nip fur sending me all this stuff fur review! I really SUPERLOVE it. EVERYTHING!!

Guys, I also got a lot of love box mail. My momma even found some Xmas cards in our apartment mail! I do apologize to everyPAWdy who took the time to sent me a card and I didn't get it till now. Thanks a lot to the Fun Loving Family from CaliFURnia, Aragon Allie from Australia (yes, you read right), and Spitzy from Florida fur sending me such beautiful cards that i will treasure FURever! I promise I will post pictures of the cards on my Facebook page soon.

Yeii i got tons of LOVE BOX mail!

My head band

I wore a supercute dress that my momma got me in Arizona that came with a matching headband. This is the furst time I try one -- I think my momma needs to fix it so it doesn't go all around my face lol but I do look cute no matter what. (Can't help it, guys I'm too purrfect fur be modest!).

Gasp & Die my dress is too cute fur words!

Please don’t furget to check out my Catster purrfile and be my furriend!! Fur daily updates and fashion, join me at Facebook  or follow me on Twitter! If you feel like falling in love, please check my Purrsians in need at my Purrsian Rescue page

Enjoy your weekend, my LunAddicts! I think I will be going to the beach -- I will keep you posted!




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