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You Guys, I'm on the Road and My Purrday Is Tomorrow!

My mama and I quit our jobs, and now we're moving all our things to Mexico. Also, I turn four tomorrow! Of course, I don't look a day over two.

 |  Apr 13th 2012  |   33 Contributions

Hello, everyPAWdy! I hope you guys had a great week! I have a lot to tell you ... Remember how I told you that the Avanti Press guys wanted me fur their cards? And that they asked me fur naked pictures?? Well they changed their mind and they like me the way I’m, so I don’t have to pull a Lindsay Lohan here LOL.

Also I want to apologize to all my fans who follow me on Facebook, because I know that my page have suffered a big deal since we moved back to Mexico. I promise my assistant is doing her best to try to get back to normal. We just quit our job … but that’s a topic fur another column! I want to thank to my LunAddicts who have been helping me on my page, answering questions to the new fans and stuffs. I love you, girls!

Now let’s start with my week. It was cool and tiring fur sure. I traveled with my momma to Arizona to move ALL our stuffs, since our lease is finally up and we are officially out of the USA (but my Love Box wont move to Mexico). I’m very good traveler FUR REALS but this time I was nutty, I wanted to ride like this:

I want to be next to uncle Charlys!

Of course the woman, I mean my momma, didn’t agree with me so we compromise and I ended up traveling like this:


We stopped fur a rest in a hotel and seriously I LOVE HOTELS. As you can see, I don't travel light. Hello what Diva does?

I travel like a DIVA!

I’m not even scared in the elevator; I’m sooo ready fur be on tour.

Hurry up momma!

The hotel had a great window. Yeiii!

Let's go shopping momma!

Like the good shopaholics that we are, the first thing we did was go shopping. Well, we were on a tight budget, but was fun to go and look around. OMG I missed sooo much to go out to stores and get all the attentions. I had to take off my bow because I was getting pet every 5 minutes fur reals.

Be careful girl don't mess up my fur-do!

Jc Penny is pet furriendly!

After all that we arrived to our old apartment to start with the nightmare of PACKING! Seriously I wanted to hire like four of my fellow Mexicans but my momma said that we didn't have budget fur that! She was alone doing the whole thing and of course I was just directing the operation ... this girl doesn’t want to mess up a purrfect pawdicure!

Packing is boring!

Okay I helped a little checking out the cabinets, making sure were empty. Fur be honest, that was Dog Poop, I was just playing hide and seek.

All clear!

Then I got bored and I decided to do some yoga fur relax a little bit you know?

Relaxation time!

I have to admit that it was fun to supervise every single box.

I like to do a close supurrvision!

You are probably thinking that I was overdressed fur moving but I don’t believe that is such thing as “overdressed." Also, fur God Sake, I was packing my closet. My closet needs some respect. It’s my second church! LOL

I will miss my closet fur reals!

I had to use a HUGE suitcase fur my closet… this is not even half of clothes!

I wonder how many outfits I have...

And we are done with my week in pics! Tomorrow is My Purrday guys, and I believe we will be traveling. I hope I get my fancy feast cake at least. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart my dear fanfurriends Anna Shelton, Kelly Haberek Wolf, Lynn Davis, Martina-Rose Wiggin, Jayne Morehouse, Linda Vyse Condilli, Beth Gaskins, Dennia Barcelo, Ann Marie Goldstein and Linda Bohm (Playful Kitten Jewerly) fur donating to COAT (the rescue at my hometown) in my honor as a purrday present! How sweet is that? Do I have the best fanfurriends EVER?? Take that, Madonna!

I haven't checked my Love Box yet, but I will fur sure okay?

See you next week guys and remember if you feel like saving a super cute Purrsian today just visit my rescue page. Don’t FURget to furriend me on Catster and to follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Have a safe and happy weekend!




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