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Watch Out, Joseph Aaron Segal, I Have My Claws on Your Work!

I swear I'm not pissed because I'm not your fashion muse ... well, OK, kind of, fur be honest!

 |  Jan 25th 2013  |   34 Contributions

Happy Furrday!! Oh yeah, you got two furrdays in a row of my PAWsomeness!

Furst, a laptop update: this weekend we are taking it to the lap vet fur fix it. Yeiii! My God, I was dying! Second, guess who is part of the Amazecats Celebrikitty deck?!? MUAH, that's right!

Honestly I look too fab fur words!

Of course I'm the queen of hearts, it's a no-brainier there if you ask me. Do I have to mention that I'm the cutest? ... No need to point the obvious fur God's sake! Okay Okay everyPAWdy in the deck is very cute. (Gosh to give compliments really hurts my ego.)

It's good fur the heart to help!

Anyways talking about bruising an ego, let's talk about the new designer Joseph Aaron Segal, in case you don't know who is he, tune in to Project Runway! He is one of the members of the new season and judging by his designs, he is a kitty lover.

Would you wear it?

Purrbably you have seen some of his kitty sweaters designs online and call me crazy but those are some "peculiar" designs! Let's face it, you have to be super cool to pull off a sweater like that without screaming I'M A MEGAULTRACRAZY CAT LADY AND I KEEP 300 CATS AT HOME."

It's she 5?

Of course someone like me could wear ANY of his designs and everypawdy knows that I have a soft spot fur tutu outfits. Bottom line, if are not Nicki Minaj-cool don't try it (meaning Britney Spears keep yourself AWAY from his clothing line). On another paw, I really like his accessories designs and the great news is that ANYONE can wear it.

Cool kitty eye ring!

You can buy his designs at Etsy and the accessories are very affordable so yeii! The kitty on many of his designs remind me of my furriend Baco!

My furriend Baco wants some royalties lol

Now let me put my claws away fur thank everypawdy that was superkind to send me a xmas purrsent, since I'm way late on my column, so I did a video with all the pics! Hope you guys like it!

I want to specially thank my furriend Savanah Garrison fur all the amazing work she did with my calendar and to the Rescue Helping Persian Cats fur care and save soooo many furchilds, you guys are truly angels on earth. Have a great weekend guys and don't furget that I'm on Facebook & Twitter (even when I don't reply on twitter I need some twitter classes!). Also please please please if you are looking fur a purrsian like me, I swear that are tons of purrsians in need in you area, just take a look at my website fur find them!.


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