Luna the Fashion Kitty's Secrets Revealed: Now You Too Can Be Furbulous

Hello, guys, and welcome to my column Dress fur Impress! This week is going to be a little bit different, because as you know grandma...

 |  Jan 27th 2012  |   23 Contributions

Hello, guys, and welcome to my column Dress fur Impress! This week is going to be a little bit different, because as you know grandma is having a construction and is virtually impossible fur me to do my photo shoots. Uuugghh I was complaining about the house tiles, so obviously grandma took my advice and is changing the tile of the whole house, but Im kind of regretting the whole thing LOL. I just want the construction to be OVER FUR REALS!

Anyways, this week Im going to give you a few advices on how to be SUPERMEGAFAB like me! Everypawdy thinks that fur be like me you just have to wear cute clothes and bows and obviously to possess cuteness out of this universe. Well, this is TOTALLY FALSE! Yeah, you heard me right!

Here is what I think:

1. Being Healthy Is the First Step

+ Daily grooming. Brush your furchild fur even if he/she have short fur — this is very BASIC fur reals!

I brush my fur every day, and so should you!

Do you go out without combing your hair every morning? I dont think so! And if you do, then you have some serious purrblems lol!

+ Annual teeth cleaning. If you want your cat to have a long and healthy life, you have to clean their teeth every day if possible.

Regular teeth cleaning is a must.

If not, at least try three times a week, and if this is too hard fur you then you have to get your furchild teeth clean once a year. Even if you brush their teeth, it's a good idea to get your teeth checked once a year.

+ Drink lots of water. To drink is VITAL fur be healthy — is nothing sexy in getting a kidney purrblem!

I drink water out of my very own Luna mug!

I like fountains and love running water, but if your furchild is afraid of getting wet, always keep fresh water fur them.

+ Healthy food only fur cats. You are what you eat — PERIOD!

Healthy food means a healthy cat.

I know some purrsons that even give dog food to their kitty because they are so cheap and they dont want to buy a special bag! TERRIBLE, I know! Dog food doesnt have all the stuffs we need! Read careFURlly the labels and inFURm yourself whats the best food fur your furchild.

+ Daily exercise. I exercise hard fur have this rocking body fur reals!

You need to be flexible for some of these exercises.

I mean, it's not about having a body like mine — it's about feeling GOOD and being healthy. What I do is to run and play a lot — exercise is WAY better when is fun.

2. Feed Your Mind.

Be the whole package, guys! Pretty and dumb is not PAWsome! Everypawdy can learn stuff every day! Here is an easy trick I learned that you can learn, too — just keep yourself FOCUSED and be consistent — you CAN DO IT!

3. Be Sociable.

I meet lots of new furriends when I go shopping!

Is very imPURRtant to socialize your furbaby, very BASIC!

I love to go for a walk with my furriends

Take your cat out with a leash or in a stroller, show them the world, and expose your furchild to different situations and purrsons.

4. Dress fur Impress!

Now the FUN part! Remember to always be respectful of your furchild's purrference. Be honest with yourself and ask, Is my furchild a nudist or a fashionista?

If you have a feline fashionista, you can really go to town!

If your furchild is happy to go naked, go crazy with accessories — and if is a fashionista, well you know what to do!!

I'm naked except for my nail caps -- furbulous!

Your furchild also can wear nail caps — this is a very fashionable way to keep it simple and make a huge IMPACT! And if you are thinking on declawing your kitty, FREEZE right there! Check out nail caps and dont mutilate your kitty!!

I hope everypawdy enjoyed my tips and put some of them on practice! Remember, my calendar is still on sale fur a few weeks more only. You can help Purrsians in need by buying one because 100 purrcent of the purrfits are going to Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue.

Please dont furget to check out my Catster purrfile!! Fur daily updates and fashion, join me at my Facebook fan page or follow me on Twitter! But most impurrtant please visit my Purrsian Rescue page at my website!

See you next week, guys!!


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