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Holy Kittens, We Are Engaged!!!

It's not a secret that every kitty dreams with their momma to be single FURever and we do EVERYTHING in our PAWer fur make that happen!

 |  Aug 3rd 2012  |   55 Contributions

OMG OMG OMG! I'm soooo freaking out, guys … we got engaged, and I have a million concerns fur reals! What did I do wrong???

Honestly, I don't know. I totally made my momma dateless, which was my duty as a cat lady's furchild. I worked hours leaving fur in her clothes, the only pics in her cellphone were mine, she rarely went out without ME … I have a stroller, fur God's sake!

SUPERMEGAHolly Kittens!

Oh well. I was there when the whole thing happened. I saw the two wineglasses with a liquid that had a bad smell and the color was hot pink … my momma doesn't drink, so I'm not going to get critical on the cheap beverage choice fur the "big" moment (somebody left that in our house like three months ago). They hugged, kissed, and cried … A LOT! Eeeewww, my eyes are still burning!

Anyways, I guess what REALLY matters is that if my momma is happy, I will get even more attentions (I hope -- or she will experience some kitty box purrblems from my part). I believe is going to be fun to help with the wedding, right? Who else in this family has my incredible taste? I guess all responsibility is on me (as always). Just fur the fashion experience ahead, I gived my momma my blessing.

Blessing my mommas!

Between us, I think he is purrfect! The other day he brought me a purrsent when he was in CaliFURnia fur work -- he is smart buying my love with gifts, I totally love that! lol Here I am with my purrsent.

Fur the record I'm totally PRO-PURRsents

As everypawdy knows, I have a love-hate relationship with Hello Kitty. I don't care how many millions of fans she have, it's only because they haven't met me ... YET!

Lunatoon - competition

In another paw I got some LOVE mail! My furriend Patricia Kisser sent me drawings that have a kitty that looks like me, super cute. The kitty have a crown and everything. She asked me to use my lime tutu in August as a purrday purrsent, she is turning 62 years young!

Thanks so much girl!

My furriend Anna Shelton sent me 3 T-shirts Yeiii!! All of them very cute, one even have a birdie on it. =)

Thank you Anna!!

And talking about purrdays and purrsents ... One of my fans from Australia e-mail fur ask me to wish Happy purrday to his best furriend Laura Barette! Obviously I did it, because I MEGAlove all my fans FUR REALS!

James Duffy & Laura Barette & Me

Guys, you know that now and then I get haters, super mean purrsons who fur some reason feel good bashing me … fur all of them I want to say that it's not my fault to be this purrfect and maybe that's the reason that makes you feel so ugly inside-out. Here is a tip fur you: Work in your soul and then you will be able to enjoy the beauty in the world.

Hatting me won't make you prettier or smarter!

When somebody wants to break me down, I just feel even MORE wonderful, if that is even possible lol. It's like a big boost to my already huge ego!


Let's face it, I do work hard fur this gorgeousness, lots of exercise 365 days a year. I train even more than the guys in the Olympics FUR REALS, drink tons of water, eat healthy, treats fur my junk in my trunk, and HOURS of meticulous grooming!


Talking about the Olympics, O-M-G I have been in color ecstasies, hot pink, purrple, blue, etc … and don't let me start with some of the countries uniFURms TO DIE FUR (of course I have a preference fur the ones that have LOTS of sparkles!).

I wonder if any of my fans know somebody that is in the Olympics or if a fan is at the Olympics! Somebody need to tell Michael Phelps to not be sad, he is already a legend and have a big bank account BUT if he really want to win ALL golds in the next Olympics, well the answer is easy: GIRLS, LEAVE THE POOR GUY TO TRAIN!

I like to watch the gymnastics… those uniforms need some tutu in the butt!

I want to finish this column with my latest happy costumer. Meet Maisy! Isn't she purrfect?? She does a great job modeling the tutu, is her furriest tutu ever! Awww so PAWsome that is from my collection, thanks soooo much fur the suppurrt!

Sexy Maisy! Shake that Booty girl!

This is it fur this column guys! Wish me luck as a wedding planner! Don't FURget to check my Catster purrfile, follow me in Twitter, and get in touch in Facebook. The section fur purrsians in need is broke in my Website and I don't have the $$ fur fix it, so please check Petfinder fur Purrsians in need near you.

Love ya my LunAddicts!




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