Do-Gooder Design Challenge by Yesterday's News

 |  Apr 6th 2010  |   2 Contributions

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Yesterdays News has a new recyclable bag, making their product even more eco-friendly. Now they're challenging cat owners to do good by creating the it handbag of the season, inspired by the new Yesterdays News package. Use the Yesterdays News Bag Builder to create the perfect handbag to complement our Do-Gooder fashion designs. Three lucky winners will travel to New York and see their handbag designs brought to life at The Yesterdays News Green Catwalk Event.

Even if you're not an artsy fartsy designer type, the Yesterdays News Bag Builder tool makes it easy for you to create a dazzling designer handbag in just a couple of minutes.

Get started by going to the Yesterdays News Bag Builder!


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