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My Paw Is Better and My New Post Office Just LOVES Me!

My paw is almost all healed up and I finally got to visit my love box in Nogales, Arizona -- where it was no surprise that everyPAWdy knew who I was!

 |  Jul 20th 2012  |   27 Contributions

Happy Furday! I had some super-cool weeks. Furst of all, a PAWgress report: my injured paw is doing soooo good. Since my vet give me purrple stuff fur my paw, the healing really sped up. I have been using my paw normally, scratching my post and giving my momma massages -- yeii! Here is a picture of my paw.

The purrple stuff is magical!!

Since I was feeling sooo good that day I wore one of my tutu creations. As many of you know, I have been thinking A LOT on what to do fur sell many tutus.

Lunatoon - Marketing Guru

I haven’t figured out the marketing formula yet, but I’m pretty happy that my clothing line is already being used fur everyPAWDY! 

Meet Kitty Katina. Isn’t she SUPERFAB.com in my Heavenly tutu design?

The tutu color complements her eyes purrfectly!

And as I ALWAYS say in my interviews, if I ever have a fashion line, I WON'T DISCRIMINATE, because discrimination is fur losers FUR REALS! That being said, meet Mattie looking ULTRACUTE in a heavenly tutu.

Mattie have the sweetest face FUR REALS!

Thanks so much fur the support, guys, I really appreciate it!

In another very unrelated topic, GUESS WHAT? As you know, since I moved back to Mexico I have been suffering so much fur the lack of Bravo TV. Honestly, I almost got a panic attack when I couldn’t watch the episodes online (the IP addresses are blocked) … so after A LOT of research we finally found a guy that uploaded the episodes on YouTube! God bless you “parkerparkertravis.”

I don't have to say that I spend days catching up!

I also went to the USA! I went to check my love box and ship stuffs, and O-M-G the post office girl went BANANAS when she saw me and screamed to everypawdy, “Come to see is a kitty in the bag, it’s a kitty! Not a doggie!”

Everypawdy loves me there!

Then another post office person came and told her, “That’s Luna the Fashion Kitty, you should check her page.” SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, guys, the girl started screaming, “We have a celebrity here!” She was a super nice girl.

I was all dressed up fur impress like always in a dress that my admirer Seamus sent me. I want to show you a pic that he sent me recently, he is such a flirt!

Seamus is the best admirer in the world!

I love that dress so much, it’s super fancy … I had to make a video showing it off.

Let's do some tricks! from Luna the Fashion Kitty on Vimeo.

I also want to thank my furriend Sherris Peg who sent me a superCOMFY and FAB cone -- well, is not a cone, is called a BOOBOOLOON. Such a purrfect name! I'm still using a cone at nights. Thanks soooo much, girl! You guys are soooo thoughtful!

BooBooloon purrfuct purrsent!

And I want to thank my girlfurriend Savanah, who sent me the cutest crown in the world! I had sooo much fun wearing my crown, fur reals I want to wear it every day.

Lunatoon - types of beauty queens

She also sent me beautiful cards, but I was too distracted by my hotness. FUR REALS! I look to DIE FUR!

Thanks so much fur the cards girl, We love them!

Fur last I want to show you my last design that I'm calling CowChic!

Would you dare to wear cow print?

Want to thank my furriend Angie fur sending me the pink cow hat -- it's purrfect fur my outfit!!


And we are done, guys! Don't furget to follow me in Facebook, Twitter, or here in Catster! Don't furget to check my website fur Purrsians in need.

Thanks fur reading my column, guys, see you soon!!




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