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What Does a Cat Fashion Icon Have to Do to Get to New York Fashion Week?

I wasn't invited AGAIN, so I take my claws out for these cat-inspired designs!

 |  Sep 13th 2013  |   5 Contributions

Every Fashionista looks FURward fur New York Fashion Week, and this year Fancy Feast sponsored Malan Breton and he made three looks inspired by the Fancy Feast kitty. How MEGAPAWsome is that? The dream of every Fashionista is to become a MUSE (when God when?!?). Anyways since I'm feeling especially superbitchy I'm getting my claws out fur NYFW. Let's start with the three looks the Taiwanese designer made fur Fancy Feast!

Malan Breton I was waiting more from you!

Okay it's elegant and stylish fur sure but come on Malan you have a silver Purrsian as a muse! Didn't his huge beautiful emerald eyes strike you?? What about the shade of silver fur?? Maybe you got intimated in front of such majesty beauty -- mmm I will give you a hall pass! Of course I complained with Fancy Feast fur not taking me with them, I had to do it I'm a good customer and no other kitty is into fashion as I am.

Maybe next year will be my year!

As usual NYFW was full of celebrities (except me as we already stated!) and of course most of them try to dress their best fur the shows.

As I always say be careful with the light! Can be your worst enemy!

Sometimes I'm like WTDP (What the Dog Poop) is the designer thinking!!! In this case like Lisa Perry REALLY?? What was she thinking? The following dress might be kitty inspired but that doesn't mean that is CUTE or ACCEPTABLE at all.

Futuristic whore uniFURm??

On another paw Marc Jacobs collection was very into black and white stripes/polka dots, sequins and pastels! Very retro feeling.

Sorry but nobody models like me!

Fur last I want to show you the Rebecca Minkoff designs that were inspired by Frida Kahlo! I think the collection is very colorful and wearable! I think the clothing would look good in different body types.

One of my FAVES fur sure!

Guys I think I calm down already so I'm going to wrap this column. Have a great weekend my LunAddicts, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and check out all the purrsians that are looking FUR home in my website.

About Luna: Luna is a Fashion Diva Extraordinaire, she has been a Catster columnist since 2011. She has been featured in many publications and was even mentioned in FORBES.com. She likes to shop and help Persians cats who are homeless. She lives with her momma and daddy and is expecting a baby brother ... she is not very happy with the future new addition to the family but is hanging in there.


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