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Exotically beautiful clowns of the cat world

I love my Highlander's unusual looks. He is so playful and active that I would not recommend him for someone with an extremely small apartment. My cat is an indoor cat though and is happy running around my house.

Highlanders are also known as Highland Lynx. They grow to be very large, and it takes about three or four years to reach their full size. They are known for their curled ears, short bobbed tails, and often polydactyl feet. They have long tufts of hair which grow from their ears. Mine grew a thick ruff as he neared adulthood.

A Highlander's coat is easy to care, for with a daily brushing to prevent mats in the long hair around their throats and along their hindquarters. My Highlander's fur is unbelievably soft and silky feeling. It does not feel like a normal cat's fur. Everyone loves to pet him just to feel his coat!

This magnificent breed is doglike in its loving devotion. Mine follows me from room to room, always wanting attention. They are easily trained to do tricks and love to be center stage. They are very active, and I would not recommend getting one if you have a cat who is shy or unsociable. This breed will want to play with other cats, whether they want to or not!

My Highlander gets along well with my other cats, except he is perhaps more playful than they are and can make a pest of himself when they want to sleep and he wants to play. Highlanders live to play! Despite his size, he is very gentle with me and with the other cats. He has never harmed any of my smaller cats. He just irritates them with his clownish playing.

I would recommend that potential owners teach it gentleness from day one. All those extra polydactyl claws and the breed's lightning-fast agility, combined with the fact that this will be a BIG KITTY when grown, make it imperative that calmness and gentle manners are taught early. They are not aggressive as a breed, but any cat can become agressive with rough play.

The Highlander's large, muscular size and speed would not work well in a rough and rowdy home. By nature the breed is sweet-tempered, extremely loving, and gentle, but they do LOVE to play, so it is important to teach them how to play nicely early in life. This will make you and your other cats happier later!

Overall, this breed is my favorite. I don't think I shall ever be without a Highlander in my life now that I have found this wonderful breed!

~Mary J., owner of a Highlander