When playing with your cat, introduce toys one at a time. It’s best to let them play with them only under supervision because they might break the toys and choke on the pieces, and so on. Don’t buy toys with small pieces that might fall off and even though cats love plastic bags, string and elastic bands, keep them out of reach because they’re dangerous. Some cheaper alternatives to toys : 1. A sock with catnip (younger kittens might not respond to catnip though) 2. Paper bag 3. Boxes 4. Thick chunky straws (good for teething too) There are a lot of interesting toys that you can buy online as well – I try to find some mentally stimulating things for my cat to keep him from getting bored. You should also try to train your cats, as it’s good mental exercise and fun for them (you can train them to sit, fetch and come when you call them). A tall scratching post is good for them too – and also good for your furniture!


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