How Adoption Works

Ready, set, adopt..

Now that you’ve decided you are ready to adopt, it’s a good idea to understand how adopting a cat from an animal shelter works. Knowing about the process will help you feel prepared to make a smart decision.

Check things out. Make note of the health of the animals, cleanliness of facility and the helpfulness and knowledge of the staff.

Be prepared. Take a notepad, digital camera, carrier, cat toys and waterless hand cleaner with you.

Scout the selection. Because cats come and go every day, animal shelters may not have exactly what you think you are looking for. So you may need to visit a few times. Bring family members to help choose one that everyone is comfortable with.

Talk to a staffer. Describe your situation: living arrangements (house or apartment), family/children, other pets, allergies, amount of travel, etc. and get their advice.

Play away. Spend some time with several cats to find one that not only suits your preferences, but will also fit into your family’s lifestyle.

Discuss health. Make sure to ask if cat is healthy/has all tests and vaccinations. Inquire about the history of the cat (stray or owner turn-in).

The final details. Before you bring your cat home, you’ll have to fill out some paperwork and have an interview with an adoption counselor. Remember, the animal shelter just wants to make sure that adoption is right for you and your family.