Are You Ready to Adopt?

Before you jump right in, here are a few things to consider when adoptiong a cat.

So you want to adopt a cat? Morris will be proud. But be sure to take some time before adopting a cat to consider how this new family member will fit into your life and your home.

Cat commitment. Cats can live a long time. Consider if you and your family are prepared to take the time and effort to give this cat a loving home for the long-run.

Making time. Feeding, playing, grooming and going to the vet all take time. How will this fit into your family's schedule? What will you do with the cat while you are on vacation?

Money issues. Food, supplies, toys, veterinary care and vacation arrangements can ran into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year if you have multiple pets. Be sure you understand the financial investment you'll be making.

Managing behavior. Your new cat will need some time to adapt to his new surroundings. So you will need to actively manage his behavior with training, toys, and scratch posts to avoid ruining furniture.

Family members. Are all members of the family responsible for care of the cat? Are there any allergy issues to consider? You'll need to set expectations for everyone in your household.

Other pets. How will the cat fit in with the other pets in your house? Have they ever interacted with a cat? See Welcome Home for more tips.

Room to go? There are considerations related to the space you have available. If you are a renter, does your apartment or house allow pets? Will you have to pay a deposit? You also should make sure there is enough room for your new cat to play.