Domestic Shorthair

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  • Age: Young
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: Medium
TOBIAS, an adoptable Domestic Shorthair

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More about TOBIAS: Tobias is a sweet and loving kitty. He prefers to play with his kitty friends and he will often invite them to play by trilling softly to them. He is not a vocal cat, but he does have a very sweet trill which is his way of communicating with his kitty friends. He loves to chase and play and climb his cat trees. He is not a dominant cat and is very gentle in his play. He is also affectionate with people, but will be shy to start. Once he warms up, he will greet you in the morning for special loves, but he is not really a lap cat. He chooses the time when he feels it is appropriate to shower his person or people with loves and rewards them with purrs. Just gaze into his big green eyes and you will fall in love! We estimate he was born in May of 2012. He needs a cat friend in his life, kids over 6 are probably OK, and maybe a mellow dog. Bio# 3313 DS

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