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  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Female
  • Size: Medium
SASSY, an adoptable

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Sassy is head strong and high spirited and definitely wound pretty tight! She's a cat who's alert and always on the go. She's a very intelligent cat and needs a lot of mental stimulation. If you're looking for a couch potato, this would not be the cat. Sassy loves to interact with her human, whether it be playing, getting petted, being talked to, or just napping on a good lap! She's quite the talker, too. If she wants something and you're not paying attention, you're gonna hear about it. This high strung little princess would prefer to be an only pet. She will tolerate other animals but really doesn't like them. Sassy is a big goofball that loves to play and you should see her jump and flip around in the air after her toy prey. She loves to look out windows and see the world. Her foster mom has raised all the blinds in her house by 10 inches, so that she can go from window to window, keeping a close check on the goings on in the neighborhood. Sassy is very happy, loving, and interactive. She does get overstimulated sometimes and can nip to let you know she's had enough so, no young kids. This little pistol is ready for a home of her own and she will keep you entertained and loved for many years to come. We estimate she was born in July of 2007. Bio# 2676 DJ

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