Author: Will Harper

I’m a longtime journalist and a lifelong pet owner. While I’ve only written a few stories about dogs and cats, I’ve spent most of my career covering people who behave like animals. Full Name (Including Embarrassing Second Names): Will Pussycat Harper Location: SF Bay Area Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: Twitter What I Do for a Living: Complain about my wife What I Do for Fun: Complain about my wife The Furry Members of My Household Are: Kitten, a delightful Siamese-mix that we will always think of as a tiny little fluffball and not the lizard-killing machine he has grown up to be My Favorite Things to Write About Are: Things I am unqualified to give advice on My Pet Peeve Is: People who cut in line at Pet Club My Guilty Pleasures Are: Copy editors, Lana Del Rey, Olive Garden, Google Analytics How I Deal with Dog/Cat Hair: Lint brush, Dustbuster, sneezing What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: Employed