Wendy Frink

Wendy Frink spends a disproportionate amount of time managing the social media empire of her dog, Hamilton Pug, who has become quite well known for his adventures in New York City. She's also a blogger for BarkBox's BarkPost and DogBook’s Three Million Dogs and she's contributed to the New York Times and BuzzFeed. When Wendy isn't blogging about pets, you can probably find her volunteering in shelters for dogs and cats. Follow along with Wendy on Twitter and be sure to check out Hamilton Pug’s antics on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook & Instagram.

Full Name (Including Embarrassing Second Names): Wendy Frink 

Location: New York, NY

Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: I’m on Twitter and I often write for BarkBox’s BarkPost and DogBook’s Three Million Dogs. For more fun, look for my dog, Hamilton Pug, on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook & Instagram.

What I Do for a Living: I imagine what it is like to be a dog or cat. Then I write about it.

What I Do for Fun: I go on adventures with Hamilton Pug. I bake cookies, while Hamilton Pug supervises. And I run along the Hudson River - and Hamilton Pug shakes his head at me.

The Furry Members of My Household Are: Hamilton Pug is an only pet, aside from the occasional foster cat.

My Favorite Things to Write About Are: Shelter pets finding wonderful furever homes!

My Pet Peeves Are: Slow walkers, tardiness, and people who don’t pick up after their dog (how rude!)

My Guilty Pleasures Are: Marathons of Law & Order: SVU

How I Deal with Cat/Dog Hair: Lots of black clothing and Swiffering

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: Owner of a cat cafe

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