Author: Keith Bowers

cats-Pick-Up-held-KB-Thomas-TN I’m senior editor at Catster, and I occasionally write for Dogster. I'm a broad-shouldered, bald-headed, sharp-witted, cat-lovin’ man who valiantly attempts to use left and right brain in equal measure. I grew up mostly on the East Coast (Navy brat) and my ancestors are Southern (go figure), but I came of age in the Wild West. So my worldview resembles something like an old drive-in horror movie or a song by the Cramps. A friend and former roommate once borrowed words from Dr. Hunter S. Thompson to describe me: "A high-powered mutant, never intended for mass production." Holy Toledo. <strong>Full Name (Including Embarrassing Second Names): </strong>Keith Steven Phillips Bowers <strong>Nickname: </strong>Felix (after Felix the Cat, who is tattooed on my right shoulder) <strong>Location:</strong> I'm a resident of Livermore, California, which I call LibMo. (For the record, the town is named for a rancher named Robert Livermore, not the internal organ.) For more than a decade I lived in the East Bay city of Alameda, California, sometimes called “the Island Nation.” I’ve lived numerous places in North America (see: Navy Brat) and have permanent wanderlust. Other places I’ve called home include Oregon, Rhode Island, Florida, Nebraska, and South Carolina. <strong>Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: </strong>Here on Catster <strong>What I Do for a Living:</strong> I assign, edit, and write things for Catster. I write a column called Cat Dandy, from the perspective of a well-dressed, fashion-conscious man who loves cats. Sometimes I take in serious topics, sometimes I interview celebrities of the cat world, sometimes I just make people (and myself) laugh. I round up images and videos for the site, too, and I help update social media sites with the things we do here at Catster HQ. <strong>What I Do for Fun:</strong> I ride (and build and tweak and break) bicycles. I ride motorcycles. I do fine art (photography, painting, drawing, and junk sculpture). I perform (a mix of storytelling, stand-up comedy, and confession). I read (endlessly). I write (for fun and profit). I drink lots of coffee (because coffee makes everything better). I spend time in gigantic graveyards. I meditate. I go see other people perform. I spend as much “unwired time” as possible. I pet kitties. <strong>The Furry Member of My Household Is:</strong> Thomas, a mackerel tabby whose aliases include Little Mr. Big Paws and "Thomas Tigger Tiger tiKKy." My former feline furries include Topper, Max, Violet, Fraidy, Hobbes, Cleo, Tiger Lily, Baxter, and Petra. <strong>My Favorite Things to Write Are:</strong> Commentary, comedy, parody, satire, the occasional righteous (and well-informed) rant. <strong>My Pet Peeves Are:</strong> Needless panic. Showboatery. Words used by people trying to sound smart and innovative that end up sounding dorky and confusing, such as “global proactive full-service e-commerce solutions synergy.” <strong>My Guilty Pleasures Are:</strong> A Reuben sandwich, french fries, peanut butter milkshake, and cup of strong black coffee at Bill’s Place, one of my favorite diners in San Francisco. Reading a copy of The Economist cover to cover on a long plane ride. <em>Doctor Who</em>. <strong>How I Deal with Dog/Cat Hair:</strong> Wear it proudly (and then brush it off when no one’s looking). <strong>What I Want to Be When I Grow Up:</strong> A good Buddhist who can laugh and know better, no matter what the situation.