Heather Marcoux

Heather Marcoux is a cat mom, writer and former TV journalist. She waited many years to become a pet parent, and after being blocked by numerous landlords she finally got to adopt her beloved Ghost Cat. Her biggest reason for buying real estate is so that no one can ever again tell her that she can’t have a pet (or paint).

Before adopting her cat she promised her husband she would clicker train the animal. She lied. The cat, however; did train her to fetch treats. 

Full Name (Including Embarrassing Second Names): Heather Marcoux

Location: Western Canada

Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: Twitter: @HeatherMarcoux, www.heathermarcoux.ca

What I Do for a Living: I used to work in television news, but eventually the constant Ron Burgundy references drove me to a new career. 

What I Do for Fun: Sleep and write. Obsess over haircuts I know I will never actually get. 

The Furry Members of My Household Are: Ghost Cat was an only child for many months, but now we're also pet parenting a little kitten we call Specter and a loveable Lab mix named GhostBuster. 

My Favorite Things to Write About Are: Cats, cosmetics and current events.

My Pet Peeves Are: Excessive movie quotation and gluten. 

My Guilty Pleasures Are: RoboCop. Both 1987 and 2014. Not the sequels of the TV show, though! I also enjoy various forms of sugar, especially the kinds that make me break out. 

How I Deal with Cat/Dog Hair: If I have a really nice outfit on, I just put my coat on before I let her crawl all over me. 

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: I’m pretty much living the dream already. 

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