Author: Dorian Wagner

I am not a crazy cat lady. Not technically, anyway. From what we understand about "the rules," the tipping point for a single woman is three cats … and I have only two. But rules schmules --who are we kidding? I'm a CCL, and proud. I founded Your Daily Cute, where I have been blogging about – yup, you guessed it – cats since 2008. Three years ago I founded to help raise money and toys to bring shelter animals a little holiday cheer. The annual online toy drive is the first of its kind and has raised more than $30,000 in toys and cash donations for shelters from all over the world. For the record (if you're a single, attractive man who makes a decent living and loves animals, listen up): I do not walk around in a bathrobe and slippers with curlers in my hair. And you'd never know I have a trunkful of cat food unless you ask. So, you know, just putting that out there. Full Name (Including Embarrassing Second Names): Dorian Wagner. I hate any shortened version of my name (no Dori, please, and especially no Dor), but for nearly my entire time in high school my friends and family insisted on calling me Doe. To this day, my parents still pull it out every now and then. You all will NOT call me Doe. My favorite word is "fabulous" and I use it ad nauseam, so some people just call me Fabulous. That, by all means, you may do. Location: I live in South Florida in a fabulous condo 10 steps from the beach. My balcony overlooks the ocean, and you can even hear it when you're lying on my couch. Basically, I live where you vacation. Nani nani boo boo. Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: Where can't you Find me on the Internet?! My blog is You can find me on Twitter at @doriandelasol (my personal account), @YourDailyCute (my blog), @SantaPawsDrive (my annual toy drive for shelter pets). I'm addicted to Pinterest, so come pin with me. If you’re obsessed with cute animal stuff (with a heavy bias toward cats), you might want to follow Your Daily Cute's Pinterest. You can also indulge your love for cuteness on my blog's Facebook page. What I Do for Fun: When I hit the perfect trifecta for a day, it's because I've gone to the gym, gone to the beach, and gone shopping. Those three make for a happy Dorian. The Furry Members of My Household Are: I have two cats, Pimp and Moo. Pimp is 12 years old, and my little man. Why Pimp? I got him when I was in college, and we were four girl roommates … so clearly he was our Pimp. Moo is a cow-cat (he has spots!) who showed up on my back porch three years ago and camped out for three weeks until I broke down, realized I'd be totally crushed if he stopped showing up, and brought him in to be an official part of our family. He is my cuddle bug and never leaves my side. I also feed a whole bunch of semiferal kitties in my office parking lot every day. At one point there were 14 of them, but now there are six -- TNR, finding homes for some of them and old age for others has made the number go down. I love Sweet Pea, Lilo, Stitch, Crybaby, Westin, and Orange Guy (OG for short) like my very own. My Favorite Things to Write About Are: 1. Cats. 2. Cats. 3. Cats. And sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly spunky, I also write about cats. My Pet Peeve Is: I CANNOTSTANDIT when people blow their nose at the table. Seriously. Don't be gross. It's snot appetizing. I'd also like to give a pet-peeve shout-out to close-talkers, random apostrophes and quotation marks, and people who talk on the phone while on the toilet. My Guilty Pleasures Are: I do enjoy wine. And cookies. And if you value your guacamole, do not put it anywhere near me or it will be gone. I confess to reading all the Twilight books in a week, and when I'm in the car, I jam out to the oldies station. How I Deal with Cat Hair: This is a very complicated and well-thought-out system. I have a lint brush in my kitchen cabinet (for my way out the door) and one in my purse. My closet is 90 percent black clothes (whose idea was that?!), so I'm constantly lint-brushing. There is a lint collector/roller thing by my bed, which I use every morning because I have no idea whose idea it was (again) to get all-white bedding with cats. I have a special handheld furniture vacuum thing that is just for the couch and my Dyson –- oh, my Dyson! I'd marry that thing -- tackles the rest of the house. I fight the good fight. What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: The better half of one of those old couples who still hold hands when they walk down the street. I want to do what makes me happy (see above, #5) and make enough money to support my shoe habit. I want to inspire millions of people to make a difference in animals' lives, and I want to make a difference in a million animals' lives. And I want to do all of this without ever getting wrinkles or sagging. It's possible, no?