Month: October 2011

  • Stand Up for Yourself!

    Well, not like that, no. [Source]

  • Fashion Statement

    She’s got something to say! [Source]


    Sorry, kitty, you gotta speak parseltongue. [Source]

  • How About Some Cats with That Art?

    Cats have inspired artists since ancient times, so it’s not surprising that a group of artists would come together to help cats in need. In Phoenix, Ariz., the monthly First Friday Artwalks have taken on a distinctly feline tone at Kate Benjamin’s Moderncat Studio. “People come here specifically for designer handmade cat products and I …

  • Giveaway: Peacock Feather Cat Toy from!

    Let’s start this week off right with a fun cat toy giveaway! Everyone knows cats love feather toys, and this is the ultimate feather toy. We’re giving away a pack of 10 natural peacock feather cat toys from (Scroll down for a kitty video demo!). Each of the feathers is 35 to 40 inches …

  • Can Coccidia Cause Fever?

    Hi, Dr. Barchas: Can coccidia cause fever of 105 degrees in cats? Thanks. Lui Coccidia are microscopic intestinal parasites of cats and dogs. The organisms are ubiquitous. Adult animals with mature immune systems generally are not made sick by coccidia. Puppies and kittens are not as consistently immune, so they may experience diarrhea that in …

  • New Simon’s Cat Video: Double Trouble

    I think this is by far the best Simon’s Cat video yet! Two kitties, one food bowl, one litter box. We all know how this story goes … and he’s managed to capture it purrfectly in animation! I especially love the kitten’s side-walk and the litter box action.

  • Proud Mama

    Aw. This abandoned mama kitty was recently found by rescue workers, but they realized she had left behind her kittens. So they took her back to the place she was found, and she helped lead them to her babies. There is absolutely no way I would have found these kittens without this cats help, he …

  • Nice Haircut.

    Ahhh, how embarrassing. [Source]

  • Pink-Pawed Cub

    Look at dat baby. [Source]