Month: May 2011

  • Photographer Cat Hits the Bigtime

    A cat that was rescued as a stray is now a worldwide celebrity. His art works have been sold around in countries and exhibited in galleries–and have been incredibly well received. Four years ago, Cooper’s owners, Michael and Dierdre Cross of Seattle, Wash., saw an article on the web about an architecture student who developed …

  • What were you even trying to accomplish!

    I’ve watched this gif over and over, and I think this is what’s going on: The cat was trying to jump on the bed, but it was sitting on a magazine (as cats do) and the magazine slipped which messed up it’s jump. Then it tried to claw onto the bed sheets which is why …

  • Moo’s Musings: Kitties Need More Space on the Bed!

    Hi everyone! Moo here. Mom said I could have a column on this blog from now on. Yay! We’re going to call it “Moo’s Musings,” so whenever you see that you know it’s me… MOO! Today I have something very important to say: Us kitties need more space on the bed! OK, maybe it does …

  • Caboodle: Lord Tubbington

    I’m not sure how many of you watch Glee, but lets take a moment to appreciate Brittany’s ADORABLE cat, Lord Tubbington, introduced in last night’s episode. Lord Tubbington is severely overweight, but according to Brittany, it’s okay, he’s on Atkins! Brittany also suspects that he’s secretly smoking and reading her diary. She is not very …

  • Report Shows Feline Diabetes Is on the Rise

    In an unfortunate parallel with trends in human health, diabetes in cats is increasing at a tremendous rate. Banfield Pet Hospital of Portland, Oregon, recently released a report showing that the rate of diabetes mellitus in cats has increased 16 percent in five years. Although the rise in cat diabetes isn’t as dramatic as the …

  • Wordless Wednesday: Someone is a Morning Kitty

    (Image via

  • Hand fulla <3

    Look at that precious little angel!

  • High-Four

    I guess it’s a high-five if you count the dew claw. But honestly? I don’t.

  • Don’t Know How to Vote? Ask the Cat.

    There’s a vote coming up in Britain and it’s apparently a little confusing for people. So who better to break it all down into simple terms than cats? Cats do know best, after all. Can’t see the video? Watch it here. Whew! It all makes purrfect sense now, doesn’t it? The world would be a …

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