Month: April 2011

  • Purloined Puss Reunited With Owner

    When Lucy went missing last Friday, an entire neighborhood went on alert. The 10-year-old Maine Coon has been a fixture on Essex Street in Salem, Mass., for a long time. “Lucy is like a downtown institution,” said the cat’s owner, David Pelletier. On an average day, Lucy makes his rounds through the stores in the …

  • That looks … comfortable

    Man, cats are so obsessed with sleeping in new places, even if it’s CLEARLY uncomfortable.

  • How to Create Your Own Green Cat Toys

    Cats love to play, but they’re notorious for being both fickle and finicky when it comes to cat toys. If this describes your cat, then you’ve probably spent hard-earned money on a new cat toy and been disappointed when your cat got bored with the toy after only a few minutes. It’s even more disheartening …

  • 12 Awesome Eco-friendly Cat Toys

    Cats love to play and their sharp claws and teeth can turn cheaply made toys into trash in just a few minutes. Almost every cat owner has witnessed their kitty tear apart a flimsy cat toy with just a few paw swipes. Low-quality toys need to be thrown out and replaced frequently, which makes them …

  • Cleaning Your Cat House the Earth-friendly Way

    Cats love to explore their environments. You’ll find them prowling through your living room, slinking along the kitchen counter, having a snooze in the bathroom sink, or even poking a head in the toilet bowl. What you may not know is that your cat’s daily routine could be exposing him to potentially harmful chemicals through …

  • How to Reduce Your Cat’s Carbon Pawprint

    You recycle your cans and bottles, you’ve replaced plastic bags with reusable totes and you’ve switched to fluorescent light bulbs. While you do your part to help the environment, there’s one family member who isn’t pulling her weight and that’s Kitty. Luckily, it’s easy for Kitty to go green without radically altering her lifestyle. Here …

  • Photo Enhancements for Plus and Regular Accounts

    Hi everypaw, Just a quick update to let you know about some enhancements we’ve made to photos on pet pages: 1. Plus members can now upload up to 200 photos – that’s a hundred photos more than we used to offer! Huzzah! 2. Catster members with regular accounts will get space for an additional 10 …

  • Leopard Realness

    Man look at those eyes! 100% FIERCE.

  • These flowers are so nice!

    Here let me destroy them for you.

  • When You Walk Around Naked in Front of Your Pets …

    You think they don’t notice… But they’re just being polite.

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