Month: April 2011

  • Katy Perry’s Cat, Kitty Purry, is Trending on Twitter

    Kitty Purry has gone viral. Ailurophile songstress Katy Perry tweeted a photo of her grey and white tabby lounging in a posh shark bed, saying, “cutest picture of the day: Kitty Purry in her Shark bed being a boss!” It was not unlike any other crazy cat lady’s cute cat tweets, but this one …

  • I Could Pee on This! and Other Poems by Cats

    I Could Pee on This! is a work-in-progress edited by Francesco Marciuliano, a comic strip writer and humorist whose work you might recognize from the Onion News Network or PBS’s Emmy-award-winning series, Seemore’s Playhouse. It’s a non-Norton anthology of poems by cats, for cats, so all you kittehs out there should get your lit on …

  • Cat Returned to Owner 9 Years Later

    She thought it was a cruel April Fools joke when she got the call that her cat Rusty had been found. Stephanie Fulkerson had lost Rusty nine years ago in Otis Orchards, WA and had given up hope that she’d see him again. I was really sad when I lost him, he was a really …

  • Crazy eyes!

    I know that face. That’s the “WHY ISN’T THERE FOOD INSIDE OF ME NOW” face.

  • They’re baaAack! Foxtail Season Returns With a Vengeance

    In these chronically difficult economic times, people often look for ways to save money on vet bills or animal-related expenditures. Some ways involve corner cutting: foregoing Fluffy’s semiannual exam or feeding Fido an ultra-cheap diet. I don’t recommend these methods. There are, however, two very simple ways to save money and help your pet unequivocally. …

  • Shooting Range Visitors Rescue Cat From Dumpster

    Last Wednesday, a group of people visiting a shooting range in Pawnee Lake, Neb., to do some skeet shooting made a shocking discovery when they went to toss their used shotgun shell casings in a trash bin. At the bottom of the Dumpster lay a gray tabby cat and its litter box. The trap shooters …

  • Cats and Coons!

    They WOULD be friends. They’re both so… Sneaky.

  • Tube Paws

    Why would she do this?

  • Who do you think did it?

    This video is like a murder mystery! SOMEONE knocked over those plants. Use the subtle clues in this video to figure out which of these two cats did it! (via Urlesque)

  • Matilda III Moves into the Algonquin Hotel

    Earlier this year, Matilda II, the famed Algonquin Hotel cat, retired from active service. Her replacement is now firmly ensconced in the lobby, fulfilling “head greeter” duties. Here’s the story: In a reader? Click here to see the new Matilda.