Month: April 2011

  • Monday Movie

    This tabby is loving it up with Flipper. (I hope it’s not a captive dolphin, but alas, I suspect that it is.)

  • Whelp, he had it coming…

    Can’t say the bird wasn’t asking for it…

  • Fireman saves kitten!

    This fireman, Brett Cunniff, saved a kitten and then brought it back with an oxygen mask. The kitten was then taken to a vet and it’s doing fine now!

  • Subway Cat!

    Subway Cats are the only thing better than Bodega Cats!

  • Stunt Cats Take The World By Storm

    When the Acro-Cats take the stage, there’s a different show every night. Although Chicago trainer and emcee Samantha Martin has spent many hours training the cats, using a clicker and positive reinforcement, the felines themselves ultimately decide what tricks they will and won’t perform on any given evening. Even the best-trained cats “are distractable,” she …

  • Handsome cat is handsome!

    Look at this kitty! He’s so very GQ!

  • Sleepy Sunday

    Well, what do you expect him to do with the light burning holes through his retinae? In a reader? Click here.

  • Munchkin kitty

    Aw, look at those lil’ legs!

  • Luck Ambiguity

    Did you know, in Japan, black cats are considered extremely lucky? Whereas we consider them unlucky. It’s weird how they have an international association with luck, but no one is sure if it’s good or bad luck!

  • Dream of a Catnap on this Recyclable Couchette

    Imagine catnapping atop a double-sided chaise longue that purrvides a comfy sleeping environment as well as a hidey hole underneath. Pretend it’s furniture and sharpen your claws on your choice of sides and angles. A signature wave-edge texture gives added pleasure bumps for kitties and better handling for her owner. If you’re looking for earth-friendly …