Month: April 2011

  • Urban out door cats are the best!

    There were some cats in my old neighborhood that belonged to a mechanic and would always wander around the mechanic shop. I’d usually buy pepperonis at the supermarket and if I saw them on the way home I’d give them some. :3

  • Don’t do catnip and drive!

    Sorry, we don’t cover JUNKIES.

  • Cat Survives Being Impaled by Arrow

    When Max the cat returned home after a two-day jaunt, the northern California couple with whom he resides discovered that his adventures had included a close brush with death. Brad Paquin and his wife Nancy said that it was pretty typical for their cat to go out on overnight journeys, and they expected him to …

  • Roar or yawn? You decide.

    The mouth says “rawr” but the eyes say “yawn”, hmm…

  • Caboodle: Geoffroys Cat

    Geoffroys Cat is a wild cat that’s about the size of a domestic cat. It’s got the body of a house cat but the personality and coat of a leopard! They live in central and southern South America, and are considered “near threatened”. Apparently they have the unique ability among cats to stand on their …

  • Who’s Number 1, Part 2: TICA Announces Top Five Breeds

    The International Cat Association (TICA) recently announced its 2010 list of the most registered of its 67 breeds, and its top five features two breeds that are taking a walk on the wild side. The Bengal once again took the #1 spot, with 6,369 Bengal kittens, cats and alters registered around the world. The Bengal …

  • 8 Reasons to Green Your Cat’s Lifestyle

    There’s no denying that it’s trendy to be green. Celebrities are proudly sporting fuel-efficient hybrid SUVs. Musicians are lending their names to green clothing lines and reusable grocery bags. Green is hot and it’s here to stay. However, just because the latest starlet pulls up in her electric car, that’s not a good enough reason …

  • How to Choose a Green Cat Litter

    If you’ve been thinking about switching to an earth-friendly cat litter, the good news is that there are now more choices than ever before. Some of the more popular green litters are made from corn, wheat, recycled paper, and pine. These days, you can also find litters made from exotic ingredients such as organic wheatgrass, …

  • Sleepy Tiger Cub

    Aw, look at his drowsy eyes!

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