Month: March 2011

  • The Lineup

    Numbered 1 through 5, from left to right–Who do you think is the cutest? Personally my money is on number 2.

  • Cat Saves Owners From House Fire

    When Timothy and Patricia Shuhayda adopted their cat, Max, from the Humane Society of Lebanon County, Penn., more than two years ago, they never imagined he’d return the favor by saving their lives. Max, a big ginger tabby, is a talkative, laid-back “gentle giant.” So on Thursday morning when he jumped into their bed, bit …

  • Scientists Prove the Special Feline-Female Bond

    Ever wondered if your cat loves you, or is just sucking up to you for food and treats? If you’re a woman, wonder no more. A new study proves the bond between cats and the crazy cat ladies who love them. In the study, scientists observed the interactions between 41 cats and their human families …