Month: March 2011

  • Siamese Sun

    Siamese cats are so pretty! Did you know that, even without the strange face, they’re still siamese cats? The breed is defined by the coloring, not so much the unusual face.

  • Three shades of cute

    Which is your favorite color? I’m partial to the grey one!

  • Lilly the Lifesaving Cat Won’t Leave Master’s Side

    U.K. college student Nathan Cooper suffers from epilepsy, but is lucky enough to have a lifesaving tabby keeping him out of harm’s way. The cat, Lilly, is only 14-months old, but already she has saved Cooper’s life on at least one occasion. After suffering an unusually severe epileptic fit, the 19-year-old Cooper stopped breathing. According …

  • Rare Wildcats Born from Frozen Embryos

    In a ground-breaking — and heart-meltingly cute — genetic achievement, scientists at a Louisiana research facility have announced the birth of a pair of rare African black-footed cats. The two male kittens are the first of their species born as a result of vitro fertilization. Their father, Ramses, came from the Henry Doorly Zoo Center …

  • Franken-Kitty

    Fire bad! Water bad! Tuna fish good.

  • Update on Cat Island, Japan: Good News!

    Ingrid King received this comment on her “The Conscious Cat” blog regarding the fate of feline and elderly residents of Cat Island (Tashirojima) after the earthquake and tsunami: I have a friend in Japan who managed to get in touch with people who knew about Tashirojima people and cats are said to be okay, but …

  • Facing Eviction, a Montreal Cat Shelter Scrambles to Save Cats

    Imagine running a no-kill cat shelter that houses 300 cats and being evicted on a technicality. Here’s the story from Montreal as printed in the Montreal Gazette: They face being evicted – or possibly euthanized – within days, but the 300 cats at a shelter in Montreal North are blissfully unaware, a tribe of quirky …

  • Cat Island Next to Japan Quake’s Epicenter

    Sadly, still no news on the residents of Tashirojima — “Cat Island” — in Japan following the quake and tsunami. “Cat Island” was just a short distance from the epicenter (see below – arrow points to the Island), so hopes appear slim that very many of the islands’ elderly residents and cats survived the onslaught. …

  • Superhero Saturday

    Yo Kittehs! Instead of sleepin’ in today, how about morphing into your favorite superhero? [Photo via]