Month: March 2011

  • Fromage Homage Casts Internet Cats in 640 lbs. of Cheddar

    You love Nora the Piano Cat, Gizmo the Toilet Flusher, Monorail Cat and Standing Cat. But imagine seeing them immortalized in CHEESE! (Alas, no Cheesy Skeezy.) I am a cheeseophile. The Cowgirl Creamery catalog is my porn. So imagine my delight to see four of the world’s favorite feline Internet icons immortalized in a cheese …

  • This is MY tree!

    You go find your own!

  • Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet and Win a Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum!

    In honor of their 15th birthday, Petfinder is asking people everywhere to pledge to spread the word online about adoptable pets today, March 15, 2011. What You Can Do Now Add a badge (get ’em here) to your Web site to show your support. Take our pledge that you will tell one person about pet …

  • Beautiful Beast

    Man, big cats are just the prettiest animals. I wish it was okay to pet them.

  • Adopted Cats: Heroes and Happy Endings

    In honor of Petfinder’s Adopt the Internet Day, Kitty News Network is sharing some of our favorite stories about adopted cats who made the news through their heroism, their important work, and their miraculous escapes from danger. Read on for some heartwarming stories about our favorite adopted kitties. When Timothy and Patricia Shuhayda adopted their …

  • Cuddling Kittens

    Aww, I wish I could join them.

  • Don’t Get Too Alarmed

    As long as the hairball is mainly hair, I would not worry. It is a normal part of being a cat. I give my cats Petromalt, which they absolutely love and lick right off my fingers. Give it 2-3 times a week until hairball symptoms subside and then lower it to once or twice. Brushing …

  • If Your Cat Vomits a Lot

    If your kitty vomits a lot and hasn’t been to the vet in a while, I would take her to the vet for an exam. I have a cat that vomits a good deal sometimes and there is nothing wrong with her, as she maintains her weight. But, something could be wrong with your kitty …

  • Helping Your Cat with Hairballs

    You can help the hairball situation by grooming your cats with a Furminator, Zoom Groom, or the professional groomers’ favorite, a metal comb. A regular bristle brush or a metal pin brush can also be useful, depending on your cat’s particular fur type. Finally, a bath every once in a while (make sure to scrub …

  • Pretty Pretty Princess

    This cat is NOT HAVIN’ IT.

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