Month: February 2011

  • Just keep fishin’

    Man, you’re a cat. You’re gonna occasionally want to kill small animals. It’s cool, just keep doin’ what you do.

  • Rescued Circus Lions Relocated to US Sanctuary

    It was a happy moment for animal rights activists and lovers of cats of all sizes. On Wednesday, Feb. 16, a flight landed at Denver International Airport containing 25 Bolivian circus lions who were on their way to a Colorado wildlife refuge. The arrival was the culmination of years of efforts by Animal Defenders International …

  • Must Love Cats Hits the Catwalk

    This week, to celebrate the premiere of Animal Planet’s new show, Must Love Cats, we’re showing clips of the show. This clip features one of host John Fulton’s favorite moments: hosting the annual feline fashion show fundraiser at the Algonquin hotel, with proceeds benefiting the North Shore Animal League. (Fashions are courtesy of Meow-Wear.) In …

  • Psychic Cat Joins the Colbert Report

    The Colbert Report just got better with the addition of Christianne Aman-purr, a psychic orange tabby, to the staff. C.A. was asked to shed light on the nature of the protests in Egypt: In a reader? Click here to watch. OK, so maybe C.A. wasn’t exactly a ball of fire out of the gate. Give …

  • Do Pets Need Year-Round Heartworm Protection?

    photo 2008 dr_relling | more info (via: Wylio)A reader asked a good question in the comments of a recent post. Dr. Barchas, do you recommend heartworm prevention year round? Right now I only have my cats on the meds from early spring to late fall. That’s the time I leash walk them and I’m in …

  • Caboodle: Business cat, best new cat meme

    Business cat is a slave driver, he makes his employees work long hours, encourages office pawlitics, and for what? As far as I can tell, the company produces hairballs and naps. But someone’s got to save the economy, and if humans aren’t up to the task, there’s always Business Cat.

  • Lincoln Look-Alike Cat Brings Joy to Homebound Senior

    Last May, an elderly cat wandering the streets of Gilroy, Calif., caught a lucky break when an animal shelter volunteer noticed her and brought her to a safe space. And now, she’s returning the favor for her elderly human companion. Maddie has helped 85-year-old Vi Taylor rediscover her joy in life and reduced the isolation …

  • Bald Eagle Stalks Cat Stuck in Tree

    Pacific resident Kathy Smith says since Friday she’s been worried about a cat stuck in a cottonwood tree near her home. She called on Mike Lowrie of Eagle Tree Care, who attempted a rescue, albeit unsuccessfully. Fortunately, the cat rescued a little later.

  • 320 Carnivores in CO Sanctuary