Month: February 2011

  • Legit Kittens

    The word “kitten” gets thrown around a lot these days. Sometimes I’ll see someone post a picture of a full grown, 2 year old cat, and call it a kitten. Really? Come on! Kittens are tiny and cute. But there’s something even CUTER than a kitten… Something we don’t really have a succinct word for… …

  • Change is In the Air for Feline Vaccine Recommendations

    After years of research into the upsurge of vacccine-associated sarcomas (VAS) in cats, the American Association of Feline Practitioners created a set of vaccination guidelines designed to give cats the disease protection they need while minimizing the risk of cancer. The guidelines, published in 2006, are used by almost all veterinarians. They specify which vaccinations …

  • Hiding Could Be a Sign of Illness

    If your cat is hiding and this behavior is relatively new, you may want to seek a veterinarian to make sure his behavior is not the result of a health issue. Cats tend to hide their illnesses (an instinct from when they were wild), so hiding may be your cat’s way of doing this. Your …

  • Coaxing a Cat Out of a Hiding Place

    Sometimes new cats just want somewhere to hide out and feel safe. Some cats have been known to hide for weeks until they feel safe in their new home and it is best to give them their space. Try luring your cat out with food or treats. Put the food and water nearby and then …

  • 10 Hazardous Hiding Places for Cats

    It’s freezing cold here in New York City, so one of our town’s clever stray cats found a way to keep warm: hiding under the hood of a parked car. This is a common scenario – the cat accesses this part of the vehicle from underneath, like an investigative mechanic – but obviously it can …

  • Eligible Pittsburgh Residents to Get Free Spay/Neuters

    Residents of Pittsburgh, PA who are unable to afford to spay or neuter their pets will soon be able to do so for free (with a limit of five pets per resident). Council President Darlene Harris announced the program in which the city will pay for up to 3,925 procedures at a cost of $170,000 …

  • Handfulla Smokey

    I feel like so many grey kittens are named “Smokey” that it’s safe to assume they’re all named that.

  • Serenity Now

    I love when cats make this face. Apparently they’re legitimately sleeping.

  • Kitten Tech Support

    Oh hai! We’re upgrading you RAM!

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