Month: February 2011

  • Woman Campaigns to Keep Cat Killer In Prison

    Two and a half years ago, Bridgett Wright of northern Kentucky was subjected to a campaign of terrorizing that culminated in the stabbing death of her cats. Russell Swigart, a convicted domestic abuser and serial animal torturer, had been involved in a brief, on-and-off romantic relationship that ended in July of 2007. In October of …

  • Bam Bam the Hitchhiking Cat Found 100 Miles from Home

    All Yvonne Hoff wanted for Christmas was the return of her beloved lost cat, Bam Bam. And she found him – sitting on Santa’s lap, albeit after the holidays were over. Bam Bam had been missing since November. Almost two months after his disappearance, Yvonne, who lives in Almena, Wis., was searching’s database of …

  • Smug the Cat Rescued at Sea by Carnival Cruise Ship

    Smug the Cat (a grey and white tabby who looks a little like Reebok the Cat, but skinnier) is homeless but alive today after the boat in which he was traveling ran into some unexpected rough weather near Cuba. Fortunately, the Carnival Cruise Ship Valor was in the neighborhood and came to the rescue of …

  • Caboodle: Endless rivalry

    Cats and dogs… What’s their deal? Do you think your cat and your dog thing of each other like siblings? Do you think their feud is just a facade? Are they really at peace, or at they just biding their time? Some mysterious we might never solve, but it’s fun to try to interpret their …

  • Tokyo Breeds a Clowder of Cat Cafs

    At first glance, Neko no Mise seems like an ordinary coffee shop. Patrons sit on sofas or at tables, sipping their lattes, reading the latest manga, surfing the internet, and chatting with friends. But look a little closer and you’ll find something curious. In addition to the typical coffee house accoutrements, cats are napping on …

  • Valentine’s Day Treats for Cats

    “She loves me, she loves me not…” With some cats it can be hard to tell. But even the most standoffish felines generally have a big place in their hearts for their people. And most cats will be more than happy to give you extra Valentine’s cuddles all throughout the month of February – or …

  • Black goes with everything

    That’s why my black kitty goes with me everywhere.

  • Wistful Whiskers

    Aw, I wonder what she’s thinking about? She looks so thoughtful!

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