Month: January 2011

  • FDNY Saves Tabby in East Village Fire

    Robbin Schwartz is singing the praises of the FDNY after firefighters rescued her beloved ten-year-old tabby, Charlotte, from the raging fire in her East Village apartment building early yesterday. “My baby!” cried 48-year-old Schwartz as a firefighter emerged from the conflagration holding Charlotte. “I was so worried,” she said. “Her companion just died before Thanksgiving. …

  • Celebrity Radio Cat Wiffler Thanks The Cat’s Meow Readers

    Hey, evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. I am hoping to interview lots of werking cats around the globe this yeer, and my first interview is with Wiffler the Cat, who werks at Radio Station WFLR in Dundee, NY in the Finger Lakes area up neer Rochester and Sirrakyooz (not far frum ware Miles and Sammy Meezer live). …

  • Caboodle: Siamese, if you please.

    Siamese cats are really beautiful. Siamese cats are commonly thought to have unusually wide faces, but that’s not true for all of them; only a subset of the breed has faces like that. Generally, Siamese cats have the distinctive coloring of a cream-colored body with black tips on the paws and nose.

  • Benefactor’s Bequest Builds New Home for Shelter Cats

    The 100-plus cats living in an Iberia, Louisiana, animal shelter will soon have a luxurious new home, thanks to a posthumous gift from a cat-loving businessman. The cats once had their own room in a cinder-block building at the Iberia Parish Humane Society shelter. But when Hurricane Gustav hit in 2008, the cats were evacuated …

  • Simon’s Cat in “Santa Claws”

    I can’t believe we missed out on this Simon’s Cat movie when it first came out a couple of weeks ago! I hope all you kittehs enjoyed your Christmas trees and Hanukkah bushes as much as Simon’s Cat!

  • Glitty Ball

    SOMEONE’s enjoying her christmas present!



  • Tabby Tuesday: Dress for Success

    Kittehs across the globe are making new year’s resolutions, and some are taking them very seriously. Like this cute tabby kitten who’s vowed to dress for success in 2011! [SOURCE:]

  • Study Proves Cats Hate Change – and It Makes Them Sick

    If you’re a longtime cat owner, you’re probably aware that cats are hypersensitive to change. A recent scientific study confirms this, proving that healthy cats “play sick” to demonstrate that they are upset with changes in the household. The results of the study appear in this month’s issue of Live Science: They don’t talk, but …

  • The Winners of the United Bamboo Cat Fashion Calendar are…

    Hops and Pumpkin of Texarkana! Enjoy your 2011 cat fashions, you two! Purrhaps by 2012 you’ll be official Feline Fashionistas! (Not a winner? You can buy your very own United Bamboo 2011 Cat Calendar here.)

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