Month: January 2011

  • Handful of MEWS

    I love when kittens are so tiny you can hardly even tell they’re cats :3

  • Weeble Wobble

    The fact that this is a gif makes it all the cuter. It’s like she can’t EVER figure out how to stand up!

  • Small Army Steps Forward to Care for Hoarded Cats

    In a tiny Montana city, dozens of volunteers have stepped forward to help more than 100 cats seized from an area couple last month. Edwin and Cheryl Criswell had been hoarding 112 cats in gruesome conditions — cold, dingy, urine-soaked trailers. Authorities seized the cats last month, and on Thursday they were charged with aggravated …

  • Monday Movie – Hungry!

    Rev up your speakers on this one and drive your cats insane! This little urchin was found by tourists on the streets of India. He was fed and adopted by his rescuers. In a reader? Click here to watch movie.

  • Hero Cat Saves Owners and Menagerie from Fire

    Marie Smith and her partner David Howlett were sound asleep in their home north of London earlier this week when their cat Bandit scratched Smith’s face, waking her up. Noxious smoke and fumes were filling the house as Bandit alerted Smith to a kitchen fire. Smith then woke everyone else in the house, then rescued …

  • At 39, is Lucy the World’s Oldest Cat?

    Is a 39-year-old Welsh tabby the world’s oldest cat? If Lucy is as old as her owners say she is, she’s the equivalent of over 170 human years old. Yet despite her advanced age and being a bit deaf, Lucy is still active — and a feared predator by mice in her garden in Llanelli, …

  • Claws Come Out in Kitty Litter Cat Fight

    The makers of Arm & Hammer Super Scoop cat litter are hissing mad. So mad, in fact, that they are suing The Clorox Co., makers of Fresh Step cat litter, for false advertising. Clorox’s TV ad campaign shows cats making a beeline for a litter box filled with Fresh Step cat litter while rejecting a …

  • FDNY Firemen on Lunch Break Save Brooklyn Kitten

    It’s not news to report that the FDNY rocks. That’s as much a given as claiming that the sun will rise each morning, or that every woman turns into her mom. But four FDNY firemen this week gave up their lunch hour to rescue a trapped kitten in distress. When a guy from Brooklyn sets …

  • Thursday 13: Thirteen Ways to Show the Love

    Even before the last few notes of Auld Sang syne have floated away into the cold winter’s night, retailers move Valentine’s Day merchandise onto the shelves in preparation for the most romantic holiday of the year. With less than six weeks to go, you can’t start your Valentine’s Day shopping too early. For this week’s …

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