Month: November 2010

  • I’m bored of you, Internet.

    I’m gonna go take a nap… Sleep: The original Internet!

  • *Hug*

    The monkey looks really content with this relationship. The kitty? Not so much.

  • Shhhhhhh

    Let’s not spoil the moment with a lot of talk, darling.

  • Fall Coat

    I bet cats with coats like this are excited for fall because they finally start to match the scenery. Black cats have it easy, they go good with everything year-round!

  • All cats hate water

    Even big scary intimidating ones!

  • Cat Trapper Could Face Jail Sentence

    In less than a month, three cats in the New Plymouth, New Zealand, area have been found caught in — and maimed by — illegal gin traps. And the person responsible for the crimes could find themselves in jail as a result. Last week Gordon, a sweet tabby believed to be a stray but known …

  • Cat Owners More Likely to Cheat on Their Spouses

    Jilly Cooper’s famously naughty novels about play-away horse owners may be more accurate than previously thought; a national survey has shown that an overwhelming majority of cheating spouses own horses and ponies. In the survey, over 2,000 unfaithful spouses were quizzed on which pets they kept at home; of the respondents, 8% own a horse …

  • Strangers Go the Extra 650 Miles to Get a Lost Cat Home

    Sometimes it takes a village — sometimes, even an RV village — to get a cat back home. Floridians Rod and Jan Carter were staying at the Durango RV park in Red Bluff, CA when two of their cats escaped from their motorhome. One cat was found almost immediately, but the second seemed to vanish …

  • The Whole Caboodle: Dial ‘M’ For Tabby

    Tabby cats aren’t a breed of cat, but rather, it’s a term used to describe a distinctive marking found on a lot of cat breeds. That’s marking pattern is essentially stripes all over the body and an ‘M’ on the head–like a super hero! What do you think that M stands for? I always pretended …

  • Lost Cat Finds Her Family In Their New Home, Miles Away

    A New Zealand family is elated that their cat, Tuppence, is home after being missing for six weeks. There are many tales about cats turning up after disappearing for long periods of time. But what’s different about Tuppence’s story is that while she was missing, her family moved to a new home more than nine …