Month: November 2010

  • 10 Thanksgiving Health & Safety Tips

    see more Lolcats and funny pictures Our friends at North Shore Animal League America have some important tips to help keep your cats safe this holiday: Fatty Foods: Too many fatty, rich, or unfamiliar foods can give your pet pancreatitis or gastroenteritis; two medical conditions that can be very painful and even life-threatening. Diet and …

  • 4-Month-Old Kitten: What to Expect

    At four months of age, you’ll notice signs of puberty beginning to make themselves known in your kitten. Your mellow kitten is all of a sudden climbing the walls and trying to escape every time a door opens. Your once quiet kitten starts singing in high-pitched tones at all hours of the night. An unspayed …

  • Cats Fill the Hole that a Baby Left Behind

    (This week, Petside is celebrating the familial relationships that we enjoy with our pets. Click here for more.) Carson and her husband tried for years to have a baby. The day she got word she was pregnant was the happiest of her life. She followed all the guidelines to ensure she’d have a healthy pregnancy. …

  • Four Homeless Cats Get A Happy Thanksgiving

    Earlier this week, a couple called Forgotten Felines, an all-volunteer rescue group in Maine, looking for some kittens. The catch: they wanted at least one that was buff-colored. Forgotten Felines didn’t have any buff-colored kittens in its network of foster homes. But then one of the organization’s contacts called, asking for help to save some …

  • Scottish Fold Gifs

    What does the Internet love more than gifs? Scottish fold cats. Could you IMAGINE if one day the Internet had a post of nothing but Scottish fold gifs? WELL YOU DON’T HAVE TO. THAT DAY IS TODAY. THAT POST IS THIS ONE.

  • tabby opening door

  • Can Cats Consume Dairy Products?

    Hi Dr Barchas, Milo loves milk. Since I am lactose intolerant this is what I give him. It is also skim milk cause we both need to watch our waist:) Also he loves yogurt. Is it OK to give him? If it is how much and how often? Thanks in advance Eva Montreal, QC, Canada …

  • Tabby Tuesday: Tabitha and da Turkey!

    Catster Tabitha takes Thanksgiving very very seriously!

  • Do Your “Kids” have Mouse Breath and a Nip Habit?

    (This week, Petside is celebrating the familial relationships that pets have as members of our families. Click here for more.) My cats are my kids. And like any parent, I make allowances for their transgressions, whether it’s pooping on the floor or puking in the parlor. I’ll clean it up with little complaint (little white …

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