Month: November 2010

  • Pizza makes Mondays easier

    Pro tip for life: If Monday’s got you down, order a pizza as soon as you get home. It fixes everything! (via drewxor)

  • Kitty Rainbow

    Whoa, kitty rainbow, whoa, it’s so intense! (via laughlifeaway)

  • Purr Board Changes

    Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback on the adding of comments to the Purr Board. We’re real sorry about any confusion that was generated by the display of the diary post name that was commented on. We’re taking the feature off line and will be testing out some variations that are clearer and less …

  • Gimme a kiss!

    Gah, kitten, maybe you’ll learn to be more subtle when you’re older… (Poor dog, he’s probably thinking about how he’s not allowed to eat the kitten (via lend-me-your-heart)

  • Cat costumes

    Did you guys get costumes for any of your pets? (via ilessthan3cats)

  • Today is pumpkin smooshin’ day!

    Yay, today is the day you’ve been looking forward to for the last two weeks: The day where you get to have fun destroying your own pumpkin. Or is that just me? At least this tiger cub gets it! (via blickieblick)

  • The Real Story Behind the Famous ‘Fainting Kittens’

    A YouTube video showing a pair of kittens stumbling around on the floor and repeatedly ‘fainting’ had racked up more than a million and a half views as of November 1. In the video, Charlie and Spike are seen trying to explore their owner’s living room, but every few moments they suddenly lurch forward and …

  • Monday Movie: Everybody’s a Critic

    This week’s movie features a cat who hates Justin Bieber. A hissy fit ensues. In a reader? Click here to watch video.

  • Catster Halloween Fun

    Catsters are celebrating Halloween with pawsome costumes and the usual good cheer. One of the first families of Catster outfitted themselves as the Gilligan’s Island cast, complete with island paradise profile pages. Our purrs and purrayers go out to them for the loss of sweet Sugar this weekend. Newman (natch) as Gilligan Gleek as The …

  • Big Cat Halloween [video]

    It’s time for 2010’s Big Cat Halloween at Big Cat Rescue in Florida: They’ve got a couple of hundred Halloween Big Cat videos for your viewing pleasure. I LOVED watching the leopard trying to figure out how to get the gourd outta the tree, and I always marvel at their ginormous paws. In a reader? …

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