Month: November 2010

  • A brush with democracy

    This video is strange because both parties are unknowingly equals. The cat thinks it’s preying on the eagle and vise versa. The two can only bide their time for so long, the eagle decides it’s time to fly and the cat attempts a last minute shellacking. The eagle narrowly escapes, but escapes unscathed. A third …

  • Several Lives Later, Cat Shot Three Times Is Recovering

    A West Yorkshire, UK, cat that had apparently been held down, shot three times in the face with a pellet gun, and nearly hanged, is recovering from her injuries. Owners John and Dawn Morvan, whose cat Jessie was leftpartially deaf and blind from the incident, have released photos in the hope of finding the culprit. …

  • Come with me if you want to live

    I know now why you cry. (Cat dander. I apologize.) (via mao_lini)

  • Cautious dancer

    I dance for you, yes? This pleases you, yes? Cha cha cha? (via amyvernon)

  • 13 Cats Celebrating Dona Nobis Pacem

    Skeezix the Cat Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Dona Nobis Pacem is a blogbast meme started in 2006 by the luvly Mimi Lenox. The consept is simple: spred the message of peace acrost the blogosphere. Blogosphere cats have embraced this meme and hundreds pawticipate each yeer. For this week’s Thursday Thirteen, heer are of few of …

  • Grumpy Pallas Cat

    He’s sad because he’s not as famous as he should be. Everyone should know about Pallas cats! They’re so cute, they look like a cross between cats, owls and raccoons! (via Keven Law)

  • Your cats are judging you.

    They may be silent, but you can see it all over their faces! (via birblogsonra)

  • What Flea Treatments Are Available for Kittens?

    One of my outside cats unexpectedly had a little litter of two. It was my naiveness that the male cats had no interest in her so I did not spay her. But anyways, I picked up the the kittens today and noticed a flea on each of their bellies. Of course as soon as the …

  • I’m losing myself

    Existential kitty is existential! (via n3ko)

  • Story of Susan Boyle’s Cat Set to Be Christmas Bestseller

    Publisher HarperCollins is generating a big pre-holiday buzz for SuBo’s Cat: The Imaginings of Susan Boyle’s Cat. SuBo’s Cat is a graphic novel that reveals “the shocking truth behind the tabloid headlines” about Britain’s breakthrough singing sensation, the publisher’s blurb reads. “Manipulated, abused and exploited, SuBo has been the victim of the most heinous of …