Month: November 2010

  • Happy Veteran’s Day

    Remember: The company of a cat can raise anyone’s spirits in any situation.

  • “Are you serious?”

    This cat sees you looking at lolcats when you should be working and he is NOT amused.

  • Jaguar Cub

    This looks like an elementary school picture! How come he didn’t go with the laser background?

  • Art Kitten

    Man these new Campbell’s Soup labels are REALLY abstract.

  • Tiger Owner Fights Against Seizure of His Cats

    A man is on the verge of losing his collection of big cats and his dream of opening a zoo near Cancun, Mexico. Jose Juarez Gil, known as “Pepe Tiger,” has been fighting authorities trying to seize his cats for decades. The battle has included animal cruelty charges, a mauling, and even claims of national …

  • Happy Veterans Day

    Remember to take a few moments out of your day today to honor our country’s veterans. Kittehs, if you aren’t in the military but would like to be, will fix ya right up! Would you believe that there really are kitty cat war veterans? Check out the pussycat patriots here.

  • Why Might a Young Cat Have Recurrent Symptoms of UTIs?

    Dr. Barchas, I have 7 cats inside. My 2 year old ragdoll has developed a UTI. Symptoms started late September and she has seen our regular vet. She started out with Amoxicillin and responded ok with them, seemed to clear up, and meds were stopped. About a week later, we had to take her back …

  • 13 cat gifs

    Still images are nice, but sometimes only gifs will do. They don’t have sound or a lot of colors or good resolution but they’re basically the closest thing to reality that we have on the Internet. So, here, enjoy 13 cat gifs!

  • Therapy Cat Brings Joy to Assisted Living Facility Residents

    Charlie loves his job. Twice a month, the large marmalade cat gets chauffeured to a place where he is adored, praised, and given love and affection by dozens of devoted minions. Charlie is a therapy cat whose work includes regular visits to Villa Coronado, a San Diego-area assisted living facility. There are so many benefits, …

  • Creating Cat Christmas Cards: Selecting a Printing Service [Part 3]

    This is the third post in our ongoing series about online vendors through whom you can have custom print-on-demand holiday cards printed. Today we’re looking at, an online greeting card company. Cardstore’s core business is greeting cards, and they have hundreds (maybe thousands) of designs from which to choose. They also offer blank …