Month: November 2010

  • Black Kitten

    Black cats are pretty, but lint shows up so easily! Someone use a lint roller on this guy!

  • Say whaaat?

    This kitten looks… skeptical…

  • Creating Cat Christmas Cards: Selecting a Printing Service [Part 4]

    This is the fourth post in our ongoing series about online vendors through whom you can have custom print-on-demand holiday cards printed. Today we’re looking at Zazzle and CafePress, two print-on-demand companies through which you can also sell your greeting card designs to the public. Zazzle and CafePress These two companies are the print-on-demand behemoths …

  • Sleepy Kitten

    Does anyone else see a sleeping kitten and have an irresistible urge to poke it?

  • Belly Rub Position: Assumed!

    Awww, I want a pet ocelot now!

  • Pensive Kitty

    Sometimes I think cats are as fascinated by us as we are of them.

  • Amazing Physics At Work When Cats Drink

    Scientists at MIT, Virginia Tech and Princeton University studied the way domestic and wild cats drink and found an exquisite balance of two forces at work. The way cats drink was first described in 1940, whenMIT engineer Doc Edgerton used strobe lights to make a stop-action film of a domestic cat lapping milk. This footage …

  • New Treatment Offers Hope For Cats with FeLV and FIV

    One of the toughest things about loving and rescuing cats is coping with the specter of Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). In all my years of cat rescue, it would often turn out that some of the sweetest cats were the ones whose lives were drastically shortened by one or both of these …

  • Purr Board Updates

    Meows! We’ve launched a some updates to the Purr Board and I wanted to meow you about it. *) We removed repetitive links to “profile updates”. Now no matter how many times a furiend updates it’s profile recently you’ll only see one link. (Really glad to have this enhancement in!) *) We made it so …

  • Pretty Little Ocelot

    Ocelots have such delicate curves to them! They look like they were made by a professional graphic designer!