Month: August 2010

  • Cat Tossed in Trash Can Leads to Woman-Hunt

    Coventry, UK– Lola the tabby cat had been missing for almost 15 hours when her owners, Darryl and Stephanie Andrews-Mann, finally located her. They heard a mew coming from a rolling trash can in their front yard and opened it to find Lola, dehydrated and hungry and “covered in her own mess.” The Andrews-Manns assumed …

  • Birthday, Gotcha Day, and Rainbow Bridge Day Alerts

    We are getting ready to launch a new community feature that members have been requesting for quite some time: soon youll be able to add Gotcha dates and Rainbow Bridge dates to your pets profile if youd like those days to be acknowledged. If you add the full date to your profile (day, month and …

  • What? Don’t do the laundry!

    I’m not done with it yet! (via demonoflust)

  • Nap Mode: Sphere

    Sometimes when my cat is like this I like to pick her up all at once and transport her to another spot without waking her up or making her lose her general shape. It’s one of my favorite games. And one of her least favorite. (via capcar)

  • GIVEAWAY: Scratch ‘n Shapes Race Car Scratcher

    Hey, kittehs, if you’re bored of that old rectangular cardboard scratcher, take a walk on the wild side with Scratch ‘n Shapes scratchers. They add variety and fun to your daily scratching routine, with a wide array of shapes and sizes to keep most any cat and her claws away from your furniture and drapes. …

  • Steelin’ First

    There have ben more awkward first kisses… Good job, kitty. (via ebiflider)

  • Monday Movie: Human Cat Perch

    In a reader? Click here to watch video. If you have a cat, you know that about 40% of the time, Fluffy views you as just another piece of furniture. This cat is no exception.

  • Kitten Hearts

    All sleeping animals should form hearts. All the time. Always! (via insertcreativetitle)

  • Raincoat Kitty Is Prepared!

    Look at his face! So confident and dignified! (via natss91blog)

  • ‘Catalystas’ Working to Improve Cats’ Reputation

    All cat caretakers have heard the term “crazy cat lady” at some point in their lives. And some have even had that label applied to them. But a new marketing effort is underway to replace that dubious epithet with the more appealing term “catalysta.” The word, a portmanteau of catalyst and fashionista, is one way …