Month: August 2010

  • You have very pretty eyes!

    I like how she looks so delicate and innocent but you can tell she was pigging out in that catnip cardboard before and after this picture was taken. (via n3ko)

  • House Cats Beware: The Fisher Wants You

    Across New England, house cats are disappearing. Missing cat posters are springing up from northern Vermont to Cape Cod, and cat owners are nervous. “I’d like to think that maybe somebody’s just turned into a cat lover, took them, and is taking care of all these cats,” said Karen Charbonneau of Hinesburg, Vt., who lost …

  • 13 Biker Cats

    This week’s Thursday 13 depicts that special relationship cats have with their bikes: via urlesque via via via via feral kitten rescue via via via via via via via elymock

  • Dancin’ Cats

    Oh man, this is so much fun. Who hasn’t made their cats dance like this before? (via aaronapple)

  • And you shall be my bed.

    Man, I always feel sympathetic for dogs who get their beds stolen by cats, but this is ridiculous. (via jumptheskyline)

  • Scottish Fold?

    Awww, what lovely ears! And eyes! And face and toes and body and everything! (via picumblr)

  • Oh … Hey.

    I was just being silly on your blanket. Uhhh I’ll stop now. Sorry. (via ieatedyourrice)

  • Can Cats Get Laryngitis?

    do cats get larangitis lillian new port richey florida Yes. Cats and dogs both can suffer from irritation of the throat that is similar to human laryngitis. Laryngitis can cause an animal’s voice to change, become hoarse, or vanish altogether. Eating and swallowing can be difficult or painful. Bacterial and viral infections can cause laryngitis. …

  • Photogenic Cat

    He’s really good at composition! Which, if you watched America’s Next Top Model, you would learn is entirely the responsibility of the model and not the photographer or editor or director. (via iluvfame)

  • No news is good news

    But a cat nose is always good news :3 (via katiedegennaro)